Friday, April 30, 2010

Russian Cruiser Moskva Docks At Kochi

The photos above shows the Moskva, a Russian Slava-class guided missile cruiser of the Black Sea Fleet entering Kochi waters.

Photo Courtesy Southern Naval Command


joydeep ghosh said...

Hi Shiv Aroor

If I am not wrong this slava class cruiser is possibly nuclear powered. And if I remember correctly India was in talks with Russia to buy or long lease this same ship in 2005 alongside Tu-22M3 bombers.

Can you please clarify if I am right or wrong. Expecting a reply from you.

Anonymous said...

It's sister ship Ukrayina, which is almost 90% complete, is rotting away in Ukraine, due to lack of funds to complete the ship. They just need 30 million $ to complete the ship. They had earlier approached both India and China. Both didn't show interest then.
The Chinese have overtaken us in the acquisition of Varyag. Let them not again beat us in this acquisition.

A couple of missile cruisers will go a long way in ensuring complete dominance of our Navy in Indian Ocean and beyond. With these weapons system around, China will be wary about expanding aggressively around India. One of the best alternative to costly overseas bases.

Anonymous said...

Thats a news India can use but let it not be another Graskhov delayed and heavy price esclation offcourse one would love to have a nuclear powered missile crusier it has more advantages then the conventional powered ones also add more stealth to the same and more advanced electros what do you have a Aircraft carrier killer.

Anonymous said...

People here are obsessed with the word stealth. Moskva and neither Shivalik look stealthy at all. Do you really think the ship's RCS would be smaller than that of a Su-30. I guess not.

Anonymous said...

@Joydeep Ghosh
As far as I remember, this was the one that was up on the negotiation table, along with the Tu-22s

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.15 The Russians, Soviets to be precise were banking more on Missile cruisers than Carriers. Groshkov was also a missile cruiser cum carrier. Their point was, a cruise missile can cause much damage than aircrafts.Hence, Russians have one of the most advanced cruise missiles. USA still does not have any weapons system to counter their supersonic anti ship cruise missiles. It far more easier to stop an aircraft than a cruise missile.
With India's plans to develop advanced Brahmos, a missile cruiser will complement Indian navy's ambitions to be a true blue water navy.
Opportunities like Ukrayina and Varyag comes once in a lifetime. We have fumbled with Groshkov deal and simply slept on Varyag (far more larger,capable than Groshkov) which was like Ukrayina 90% complete and sold as scrap to China for few million$s. Whereas we have paid thru our nose and still paying for an old, used, mothballed missile cruiser cum helicopter carrier called Groshkov.
With the current crop of netas and corrupt low quality defense officers, India will always lose.
If any naval officer or someone from MOD is reading our comments, I will request him to seriously consider the Ukrayina missile cruiser which can be purchased as scrap for few million$s and refitted in our naval dockyards with foreign assistance.This will help us in developing capabilities and also acquiring a state of the art weapons system that has the potential to change the balance of power.Let's shed our inertia be proactive.

Anonymous said...

I know it is not stealth but it has more advantages, eg equip it with Bhramhos 2 or 3 more range and yes it can be fitted with more advanced electronics suit change the paint coat with radar absobent paint and few changes in the structure remember it is still not 100% it will be worth a purchase yes one more thing it can also double up as sub killer if it is fitted with anti sub warefare kit including anti sub missile and sub detection mechanisms its ready for teh next 30 yrs or so

joydeep ghosh said...

can any one put some words to ak antony to act fast on the ukrayina

Anonymous said...

What a beauty..........
but i think we should try to develop our own indeginous missile cruiser equiped with brahmos & nirbhay missiles.Buying old russian junk will be wastage of taxpayers money

Maratha Mind said...

@ Anonymous, 11:05 PM

Who said:
Russians have one of the most advanced cruise missiles. USA still does not have any weapons system to counter their supersonic anti ship cruise.

Let me tell you that USA has anti missile systems capabale of hitting out supersonic missiles from long time. Its not battle tested yet but it is there. MOre recently they have successfully tested and made oeprational a 'LAser' based anti-missile weapon. It is operational now.
Please dont make wrong assumptions.

The Only reason this missile cruiser has been sent at this moment is again to convince India that Soviet ships are much better than our own indegenous [products. This is very shameless propaganda war of russian defence department.

Indian navy should not buy any russian ships hence forth since we have the capability for making aircraft carriers too.

Indegenous ships fitted with Indian , american and isreaeli components are more lethal and less expensive than Russian cheap imports, which they are trying to get rid to modermnize their own Navy

Anonymous said...


That laser anti missile system needs a 747 sized AC. It's still in development stage.
The Russians are known thru out the world for their submarines and cruisers.
We mustn't be myopic and stop short in adopting best tech from any part of the world.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the battleships of WW2. Ye, they pack a punch but their reaches are small when compared to a fighter bomber. During WW2, no surface ships ever survived under air attacks. I agree if you do not have carriers, this is the next best thing. Now it is not just fighter bombers these ships need to worry about, but armed stealthy drones as well.