Saturday, May 29, 2010

Barak LR-SAM First Test Firing!

The Barak-8 next generation long range surface to air missile (LR-SAM) being developed and funded jointly by IAI and DRDO, had its first test-flight last fortnight, reports India Today associate editor Sandeep Unnithan, with a second test to take place at the Integrated Test Range (ITR) in India later this year. I had reported in January about the first impending flight that is reported to have taken place a fortnight ago. My post about the Barak-8 advert is here, and more impression images of the missile are here. Unnithan's exclusive interview with DRDO chief VK Saraswat and his piece 'Trimming the Fat' will be in the June 6 edition of India Today magazine.


Anonymous said...

Whats is DRDO's contribution to this?

Other than monitory and translating hebrew to english

Anonymous said...

As per the MoD annual report the dual pulse motor of the missile has been developed by DRDO. It was tested in India too. There may be other contributions in the control and guidance of the missile too but for that someone like Shiv will have to get the inside scoop.

RAT said...


Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11.22 PM has raised an extremely thoughtful query. Another thread of the questioning is related as follows.
(1) Is there any profitable reason why we switched from Russia as a vendor for SAM development to Israel. AKASH SAM is an example of Russia parting with the SA-6 technology...I am certain given some prudent coaxing Russia might supply us the S-300 technology too.
Anon's question becomes vastly relevant in that case. Are we going to obtain technology transfer for the Barak missile program or be satisfied with certain h-tech items that bring progress on other platforms like ISRO, AGNI, NAG, TRISHUL etc. The BARAK appearing in India as a revived indigenised TRISHUL will be pricey but a satisfactory rationale for this path of missile acquisition. Otherwise it is difficult to understand the vendor substitution.
(2) Should we not go for vendor substitution only when there are clear superior benefits in terms of quality and performance e.g accuracy, range, management etc.
Please mention in a future article the comparative differences of Barak with a Russian, NATO, Chinese analogue.