Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Indian Army Scouts For Hovercraft Troop Transports

The Indian Army is looking to acquire an unspecified number of armed military hovercraft, technically Air Cushioned Vehicles Troop Carriage (ACV-TC) for use in the Eastern theatre. The Army wants hovercraft that can cruise at 25-40 knots with 80 fully equipped combat troops (excluding crew) along with their battle loads, three-days of logistics requiremements, and vehicles in lieu of troops when necessary. The Army has specified that contending hovercraft should be able to operate in marshy land, sand bars, mudflats, mangroves, tidal creeks, swamps, weed choked lakes, lagoons, backwaters, islands and coastal areas.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Indian Army is waking up after the Pakistan Army has already such equipment in service at the Rann of Kacch.

The BSF should also get such equipment.

How many years will it take the Army to study & procure this equipment?

NJS said...

Now only our indian forces starts to open their eyes.
Good Beginning

Anonymous said...

In hovercrafts, is the rubber tube bullet proof?

Anonymous said...

The army should not pack all it's troops in one basket, small patrol hovercraft (3 seater) can cover a wider area than one single larger hovercraft. Hovercraft do not jump up and down like boats buffeted by the sea, so it is easier to take aim, fire, if on a cushion of air. The Hov Pod SPX patrol hovercraft is made from High Density PE, so far stronger than glass fibre small hovercraft. They are turbo powered.