Kargil Hero Wins Landmark Case Against Army, Court Orders Govt To Correct Falsified Records, War History

He took the news quietly, and when I spoke to him over the phone on Wednesday afternoon, I couldn't figure what he was feeling. Joy? Disbelief? A bit of both I think. Wednesday was undoubtedly one of the most important days for Kargil war hero Brigadier Devinder Singh, former 70 Brigade commander who famously led the assault on Point 5203 and the Jubar Complex in Batalik Sector during the Kargil war. After a decade of battling an insidious system that made every attempt to falsify his record, deny him rightful war-time decorations and a promotion, fudge war reports and even infuse naked falsehoods into the official history of the Kargil War, Brigadier Singh has finally won his hard-fought case against the Army and the government. On Wednesday, the Armed Forces Tribunal upheld his petition, expunging several pieces of falsehood that fully misrepresented his performance during the war -- falsehoods at the behest of then 15 Corps commander Lt Gen Kishan Pal, a man who should now be on the block for lying on official documents. Brigadier Singh's victory could open a huge can of worms over the highly controversial records of the Kargil War, including its official history, which remains classified to this day. The verdict proves that a lot of other truths about the war may be lost for ever.

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