Saturday, May 01, 2010

Snapshots From The Scorpene Production Line At Mazagon

As a result of major slippages and Mazagon Dock's inability to absorb certain technologies expediently -- but mostly through shoddy forward planning -- India's first Scorpene will only be delivered in the second half of 2015, instead of 2012. Scam or incompetence?


Shailendra said...

Both :)
We are incapable because of scams.

Anonymous said...

What were we thinking? From making wooden boats and catamarans to building a submarine is a huge huge huge quantum leap. Now that we have been humbled, I hope the lesson learnt is not wasted on our MoD babus who, in trying to save a few Rupaiahs eventually end up sinking more millions into it. Jai Ho!

Anonymous said...

Believe here is an important lesson to be learnt from the Pakis.. Like India they acquired the Augusta subs from the same manufacturers..but i believe their deliveries are not proceeding with much delay.

Instead of building all siz subs in the pakis we should have allowed french to build first one in France to acquire the first on time.Second could have been built from CKD and rest in India.

This might have costed us more but not more then a three year delay that we have now. And also the risk of goin to war with limited number of subs as we have now..

Best warrior is the one who observe and learn from their enemies..

Anonymous said...

I'm really scared instead of being appalled. If this is what's happening to scorpene subs, i wonder how they managed to build the Arihant. Looking at the capabilities of our building yards, i am rather skeptical about it.

Jubin Cheruvelil said...

this is what happens when you don't have an industry, trained engineers, workers in place. They need to learn to do this because the future projects need the experience from these boats. I do think, we need to have multiple concurrent lines running at the same time.

I know some of you think we have skills already here but making subs according to someone else specs is difficult.

Parth said...

Jubin is right.

For example, let's take welding. Naval projects require cutting edge welding techniques like spot welding, line welding etc. for which there are no machines and are so difficult that it can take up to 5 years to train one welder to specialise in just one type of welding. And another 5 years to be really good at it.

We are not talking welders in car garages.

In fact, these welders earn more than aerospace and marine engineers.

Now imagine training up 100s of skilled workers(not just engineers) in various fields and specialisations in the highest possible quality(for quality intensive products like submarines). But once done, India will have a pool of 1000s of skilled workers and engineers that can train 1000s more.

Anonymous said...

In the immediate future, half of the SSKs should be abroad and the other half in this country.Plans must be undertaken for a fully indigenous design.SSKs are now the new weapon of choice for navies worldwide.If we lag behind in this field we will be in trouble.We will need atleast 45 SSKs by 2025.

NJS said...

Instead of manufacturing in india , it can be done in their own country itself than we can receive it within deadline .
Making each and every thing in late has become fantasy for indian defense.

Anonymous said...

I do not think it is a scam. Chile, Malaysia all had ordered the subs. While there had been some slippages, most of these were attributed to the acceptance trials which the buyer had their comments. Not during the construction phases. I suppose trying to build them locally would naturally be more complicated.

As a judge, look at the Paks Sword class frigate. The Chinese punched out three FFGs in short order, while the one built locally is taking much longer.

Anonymous said...

L&T can fabricate sub hulls we can we can involve them, looking at the pictures i do not think that the sub will be even ready in 2018 also wonder wnat the navy underwater arm will be left with till then and there is also a second line subs are still be considered when will that happen 2050 a love story