Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Eurocopter Ecureuil Performs World's Highest-Altitude Longline Rescue Off Nepal’s Mount Annapurna

A record-breaking aerial rescue on Nepal's Mount Annapurna was carried by a Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil helicopter (the military variant of which is currently in trials for an Indian armed forces contract) on May 27 in extreme high altitude conditions in which three Spanish mountain climbers were successfully airlifted by the Fishtail Air AS350 B3 from a 6,900 meter-high location using the "longline" technique, in which a rescuer is suspended at the end of a long rope for insertions/extractions from difficult terrain.


Anonymous said...

most likely only Fennec left in the race ????
so much so for the cancelled deal in 2008.........would have saved 2 years!! and the first helicopters would be coming in by now.

Anonymous said...

Shiv, your seem to biased towards the French helicopter. The Kamov Ka266T is technically better.

Also, note what we have been reading about rubbish being built by Eurocopter and being dumped on Germany (NH 90 & Tiger) & Australia (NH 90 & tiger).

Why do not you study the Ka226T, if you unbiased and want India to get the best.

It is gathered that the helicopter model AS550C3 offered by Eurocopter, according to the manufacturer’s documentation, was unable to perform the High Altitude Hover-Out-Of-Ground-Effect (HOGE) at 6000 meter pressure altitude, in the phase one of the field trials. Another deviation shown by Eurocopter is that it will require permanent attachments for carrying two stretchers and removal of co-pilot’s seat, which is a serious deviation from the RFP issued.

Kindly investigate if you are truly a journalist.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the writer has no knowledge of the two machines which are currently taking part in the trails . The information presented about Fennec AS 550 C3 is totally incorrect ,since the pararmeter mentioned i.e HOGE at high altitude is one of the strong point of the Fennec which has already been proven in the past trails of 2004-05.Also the information about the stretchers ,seems to be totally incorrect.As concerning Kamov 226T , which is not a military proven helicopter and unlike Fennec is still at prototype/experimental stage which is a serious deviation from the RFP.