Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exercise Garuda Enters Final Phase, Su-30MKIs Swing Roled!

IAF Statement: The exercise Garuda 2010, presently underway at Istres Air Base in France, between the air forces of India France and Singapore has entered its final phase today. Over 60 missions have been successfully flown and the exercise would conclude on 25 Jun 2010.

During the exercise, the six IAF SU-30MKI along with the Mirage-2000-5 and Rafale and the F-16 were engaged in various air defence manoeuvres such as implementation of "no fly zones" and large force engagements during day and night. The SU-30 also took part in the high value air borne asset protection as well as their protection busting missions. The IL-78 refuellers of the IAF and the KC-135 refuellers of the French Air Force also participated in various missions carrying out cross refuelling (i,e, refuelling the fighters of the other air forces). Refuelling denials were practised making these missions more difficult.

A unique feature to which the SU-30 were subjected was the "swing roles". In this type of missions, the same aircraft is simultaneously put to offensive as well as defensive roles. The E-3 AWACS provided the radar coverage during the Ex. The IAF special forces team "Garud" have so far carried out two jumps each by day and night along with the French special forces. Our IL-76 is undertaking the task of these drops.

Air Mshl KK Nowhar of the IAF who visited the contingent involved in the Garuda-2010 said - " Our participation in the Ex has reinforced the manner in which we conduct our operations. It has also helped us refine our doctrine. In future, there is a slim chance that a country would operate in isolation especially in a co-operative defence scenario. Thus knowing each others best practices in terms of tactics, techniques and procedures is the main objective of this exercise, which is also a part of the on-going Indo-French Defence Cooperation".

According to Air Attaché, Embassy of India, France, Air Cmde SK Ghotia who is also the chief coordinator of the IAF-FAF Cooperation, Garuda-2010 is a milestone in the Indo-French defence cooperation. This has been the widest scope ever accomplished between three nations. The Ex brought together the best fighting machines of the world such as the Sukhois, F16s, Rafale and Mirage-2000-5. Our pilots flew in these cockpits and has gained tremendous learning experience. The engineers, technicians and all other members of the team have also benefitted substantially from the exercise.

The intensity of the Ex has been increased gradually to enhance the understanding of the contingent members beginning with basic One-Vs-One missions and limited BVR capabilities, and then progressing to multi-aircraft strikes and counter air missions with complete BVR capability, and concluding with Large Force Engagement sorties. The IAF contingent is expected to return back to India by July 03, 2010.

Photos Courtesy Indian Air Force / DPR Defence


Anonymous said...

Interesting story, but should a professional journalist be referring in a news report to "our Il-76" and "our pilots"? It's one thing if you are quoting an IAF source but two examples are your own words as far as I can tell.

We may all feel rah-rah about the IAF but I feel that a news reporter should be dispassionate.

VJ said...

What if we (in Russian collaboration)

1. upgrade Irbis to AESA radar

2. upgrade engine with higher thrust and supercruise option

3. apply Radar observing material and paint on atleast nose and wing tips

4. use more network centric and data fusion options

5. increase the use of lightweight composite in airframe

volla its 4.666 gen fully multirole ac which will be cheaper than JFC35/F22/FGFA and even Typhoon and Rafel

rajiv said...

These Sukhois are huge , they are just as big as the refuellers. How can we expect to use them to bomb Pakistan, on the Paki radar they would be very easily spotted. Why are we buying so many Sukhois when they are primarily air superiority fighters and their main role would be to escort Migs and jaguars and mirages. Should 't we be buying jet whose size is similar to mirage. Would we be using MMRCA jets to bomb the Pakis. I am newbie kindly enlighten me if Sukhois can be used as bombers without being greatly risked by Paki SAMS.

amit said...

MR. RAJIV the SUKHOI arent that big .how can a fighter be similar in size to that of a air refueler ??? the SUKHOI looks bigger because of the way the photo is taken . its a photographical error .the moon looks so small in the vast sky .but is it really that small ??? anyone correct me if i am wrong - AMIT .

Vijyeta said...

@Rajiv - If I keep an Apple next to my nose, it will seem bigger than the moon. This is what is happening to the Su30 vis-a-vis the IL78.
The SU30 MKI is intended to be utilized as a multi-role fighter by the IAF. It is not just an air-superiority aircraft. It's fuel capacity gives it longer legs than any other type, it can carry a massive load of weaponry. The radar/sensor package allows it to be compatible with a host of offensive weaponry for the strike role.(SEAD,Air-surface,Anti-Ship,air-launched Barahmos etc)

Anonymous said...


Sukhois are multi role aircraft and highly maneurable ones with thrust vectoring & Beyond visual range capabilities.

In terms of size there is no doubt it is a huge bird. But the above said qualities will certainly make it look smaller with respect to combat theatre.

We should also remember as westerns call it as "most feared combat aircraft" and is also a 4.5 gen. Hence the order in large numbers.

Just imagine one scenario, Sukhoi releasing Brahmos towards a high valued matter who the enemy is....half the war will be won by then.....

Believe me, MKI is the

:) Ravi

krishna kumar . k said...

the top down shot is the best shot for perspective size comparison, it is huge.

Anonymous said...

Yes the Sukhois are big. They are huge. At 22m long and 18 tons in weight, it is almost as big as the An 32s at 24m and 17 tons in weight.

Yes they can be easily spotted by radar. But the question is what the heck will you do about it? If you are a fighter, then the monster radar on the Su will probably see you before you see him and with its humungous loadout, it can keep shooting missiles the whole day. There is not a whole lot an enemy fighter can do to get the better of a Su 30 MKI.

And if you are a SAM site, then feel free to lock on, the IAF would be dying to see some radars light up, so that the Harpys and the Russian anti radiation missiles will have the opportunity to play.

I'm not saying that the Su is invulnerable, all planes are. Even a F117 was shot down. What I'm saying is that the Su brings such huge capabilities to the table, that far from seeking to hide, it will dominate the battlefield and ensure that anything flying in its area of operations is either very very brave or suicidal.

I feel that the Su is big and can be seen from far. I also think that seeing a Su 30 is enough to keep enemy fighters in their hangars.

Anonymous said...

lol@the guy who thinks the Su is as big as the refueller. good for you!

Sidds said...

Only the F-22 Raptor is capable of outperforming the Su, or else the Su is the King of the Skies.

rajiv said...

Thanks u guys
Anon@1:26 PM
Anon@4:58 AM

Anonymous said...

Nice to see protective covers now being used for the seats as well while the birds are on the ground. Feels good to know Wingco narah didn't die in vain after all... now his soul will rest in peace.

parvas24 said...

yea SU MKI is lethal ..... the American F22 relies on stealth completely .... if the SU MKI gets lucky and able to see the F22 in the sky then the F22 is a dead bird !!!

RAT said...


Anonymous said...

Against ne has always performed better....n mind it...other aircraft like rafale and typhoon are not bad....but it is the training given to Indian fighter pilots which make them the best in the world getting the good results in Su-30...
Size does better...n with its big size...Su can carry plethora of load whether that may be air to air or air to ground...which can simultaneously be utilised for paki ac n paki ground tgt as well