Monday, June 14, 2010

The HAL Light Combat Helicopter Advert (Awful)

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Anonymous said...

What can you expect from these jokers? This is what happens when the media department is run by a clerk reporting to an HR head who is still in the stone-age era. This advertisement is an insult to the nation and even to the pilots and engineers whose morale is any-way low following many recent developments inside. Shivji, I am surprised why your radar is not focusing on these issues. Please read the December 2009 issue of Strategic Affairs (pages 8, 9) to know how HAL is being run. We can't react being insiders, but you can bring out more burning issues.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it appears to be a decent ad ans is not awful. Obviously the picture could have been better..Thankfully, no spelling errors..

And oh, HAL ought to be privatized.. yesterday..

Anonymous said...

For the same reasons quoted above, I left the HAL helicopter division and went for MBA. Even after toiling 3 years into the ALH programmme, there was no proper recognition given to people who actually "worked" and those who waited only for 5'o clock in the evening to dwell into the world of pathetic art of living BS everyday(given the fact that "sarkari" job being the most stress free, still these people need to do bhajan/kirtan and stuff to fill up their empty useless lives).

Anonymous said...

NO these r'nt done by clerks, these r done by "know it all" scientists. They believe they can do everything from a to z, why?? because they r scientists. they r arrogant bunch of people(not everyone but most).believe me this comes from personal experience.
they will come and try to lecture u on your specialization."whats the problem, its very easy no work at all" thats what they say. as if they can do it themselves.!!sh** heads!!.


Anonymous said...

If you had termed the RTA-70 rendering (in the below post) awful, I would have agreed.

Anonymous said...

What is up with HAL and their disgusting yellow paint ?? Did they get a couple billion gallons for free some where ?

Whats up with the silly Tiger graphic on the helicopter ?? Are they selling a motorcycle to a villager ??

Couldn't they at least spend Rs100 and get some DTP guy in some internet cafe to come out with a decent flier ??

It's like taking diamonds and painting them to look like granite stones.

Anonymous said...

The ad mirrors the product..

Hari Nair said...

Now I agree the AD is quite terribly cheesy and should never have been cleared! However, in some of the comments, I do feel the creeping in of some typical 'Bharatwasi' cynicism

Re - @ "The ad mirrors the product.." - Anon, you seem to be quite sure of yourself when you wrote that, are'nt you?
- But let me tell you Sir, you are DEAD WRONG !!

Re @ "Whats up with the silly Tiger graphic on the helicopter ?? Are they selling a motorcycle to a villager ??" - well that's your point-of-view. Look around for pics of other demonstrator and prototype aircraft - having "silly" graphics is quite the norm actually. And have a look at the LCH in the flesh, if you will - the Tiger graphic has been executed pretty neatly.

Anonymous said...

We can find a lot of tiger graphics on Army vehicles and LCH has Indian Army as major user