Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sonia Gandhi To Inaugurate Rohtang Tunnel Project On June 28

Photos Courtesy DPR Defence


Anonymous said...

whats happening in the last picture?

Anonymous said...

She wont inaugurate, but lay the foundation stone, which is symbolic, as work is already underway. Inauguration will take years when the tunnel is ready. Fool

Anonymous said...

I wish that none of congress party inaugurates this tunnel. I would be happy if it is inaugurated by the family member of a soldier who died on those hills serving the nation.

Jai Hind Jai Ma Bharati !

Anonymous said...

The mandatory two lane road.

At least have a 4 lane road please.

Anonymous said...

I have a horrible feeling that last pic will be part of an email highlighting dangers and disregard of SOP at the work site pretty soon :) Even though that boulder might be behind the excavator.

NJS said...

Not understand , which place what work

Anonymous said...

The pictures do not justify whats really going on. I have been there and the work was steady. The locals there are very hard working. I was surprised to see such a project going on in that environment. The road has been constructed upto the tunnel and they were supposedly waiting for the PM to Inaugurate the project (so they can go further). Finally it will resume.

Anonymous said...

As usual from our government- too little too late!

This tunnel project on the Rothang pass should have been constructed 30 or 40 years ago!!

Instead today they build a two lane wide tunnel- something which even Afghanistan would laugh at and call India poverty stricken!

Why can't they build a proper 4 lane wide tunnel with two lane rail connection too ? Instead in another 30 or 40 years they will have to demolish this existing tunnel and build again from scratch!

India labor is cheap, they can just hire 100 or so laborers with pick axes and dig that tunnel the old fashioned way cheaply if they are so cheap, instead of this halfhearted work.

Mathi Man said...

Soon Chinese troops loitering in the area will talk to the workers and express their anger at the tunnel work.

the labourers out of fear of life will bandon work. IA will call the North Block.

North Block will tell IA that they will bring up the issue in next talks with china and ask them to take it easy meanwhile.
This unnel project will never be completed and MMS will talk of indo china friendship