Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Antony Skipped LCH Inaugural Flight In May, Caught Demo Today

When India's Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) took its inaugural flight on May 23 in Bangalore, Defence Minister AK Antony cancelled an appearance as Chief Guest -- considered a blow to protocol during such ritiuals -- following the Mangalore air crash. Well, today at the LCA Navy roll-out, the folks at HAL managed to pack in an LCH flight display for the Minister.

Photos By & Courtesy SITANSHU KAR, Additional Director General (Media & Communications) and Principal Spokesperson Ministry of Defence


Anonymous said...

Shock :: ""The timing is important because the production line may be nearing its end. Lockheed's F-16 backlog will continue the line through May 2013 absent any new orders in the next six months, company spokeswoman Laurie Quincy told Reuters last month.""


" But he told Reuters that, now that he was free to discuss it, he considered an F-16 deal "way past due," alluding to the normal 36-month delivery delay after an order is booked."

Meaning another reason why F-16 IN should not be selected.

Anonymous said...

This bird needs some sharp claws...what if they can hang 4 helina missiles on either side...boy it will be fearsome then...for sure. Not all rocket config as it currently is.

Ra said...

I think it is already a part of their plan to use 8 Helina missiles on LCH.

Gourish said...

Am an avid reader of this blog..posting a comment for first time and i must say this to you dude u rock..and for the past few weeks u really are on to it..thanks really for changing my habits..ur blog is the first thing i open these days..there is always something waiting..man u really are pulling it off..thanks so much.
P.S.:Shiv..All of us would greatly appreciate something on the IAC now that naval tejas has been launched n also that nobody knows much since 28 feb 2009..that would be great one from you..thanks again..not asking for much,am i? ;-)