Saturday, July 17, 2010

Indian DSRV Buy Near? Navy Wants 2 New DSRV-Handling Diving Support Ships

In new indications that the Indian Navy will possibly expedite its long delayed procurement of one or more deep submergence rescue vehicles (DSRVs), it has now invited information from shipbuilders, both local and global, to support the procurement of two new 3000-ton diving support vessels. The Navy wants both ships built with 400-sqm deck space for a "DSRV and associated gear". The ships will also need a helo deck (without a hangar), suitable accommodation for DSRV kit operators, integral boats, diving bells (for rescues upto 300-m) for 2-3 men with a moon pool and, of course, recompression chambers.

The Indian Navy's attempt to buy two DSRVs was cancelled in 2005 following charges of corruption, though the effort has finally picked up again. The Indian Navy has a submarine rescue agreement with the US Navy (air-deployed DSRV kit in 48 hours), on which it would be wholly dependent if an Indian submarine were ever in distress.


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amit said...

shiv ji have you read 'the guity men of 1962 ' by d.r mankekar .mankekar was too a defence journalist and had also served as director of public relation in ministry of defence .

Anonymous said...

Is that 3000ton or 30 ton ?

I think DSRV Mystic is a 30 ton machine.

If it is 3000ton, then it is almost half the size of Arihant.

Gautam said...

Hopefully if the Navy is considering a larger DSRV buy it will award the contracts to Larsen and Toubro. They have been very enthusiastic in doing business for the Navy and have constructed multiple hi-tech shipyards with the intention of building warships but are not getting any orders because of the socialist attitudes of Congress MoD netas. They built the hull of ATV but final integration went to Vizag's PSU shipyard. The Navy wanted them to build the second submarine line but they got shafted in favour of Vizag again.