Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15 | Never Forget Our Heroes


At 0630 hrs of February 26, 2010, a guarded residential compound of Indian Embassy in Kabul, housing six army medical officers, four paramedics and two other Army officers of the English Language Training Team (ELTT) were suddenly attacked by heavily armed and determined terrorist suicide bombers. A terrorist, after detonating a Suicidal Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (SVBIED) resulting in the death of three security guards, entered the compound to kill any survivors. The terrorist proceed to fire burst of Kalshnikov rounds into the individual rooms and started throwing hand grenades. In the melee, five unarmed officers took shelter in one of the rooms which was subjected to grenade attack and the fire on its roof spread consequently to the bathroom where another group of five officers were sheltered. On hearing shouts of the five officers, Maj Laishram Jytoin Singh crawled out from under the debris of his room. Maj Laishram Jyotin Singh charged with bare hands at the armed terrorist and pinned him down to ensure that the terrorists could no longer lob more grenades or direct fire at the officers cornered in a burning room. He continued to grapple with armed terrorist and did not let him go till the terrorist panicked and detonated his suicide vest, resulting in the instantaneous death of the terrorist and martyrdom of Maj Laishram Jyotin Singh. Maj Laishram Jyotin Singh gave up his life for the sake of five of his colleagues, one of whom unfortunately was still charred to death, and another succumbed to his injuries five days later. His sacrifice, in addition, also saved the lives of two officers, and four paramedics and two Afghan civilians still alive within the compound. For his act of exemplary courage, grit, selflessness and valour in the face of a terrorist attack, resulting in his sacrifice and saving 10 of his colleagues, Major Laishram Jyotin Singh is recommended for the award of Ashok Chakra (Posthumous).


On February 23, 2010, after receiving information about the presence of terrorists in Chinkipur, a heavily congested built up area, Captain Davinder Singh Jass after carrying out meticulous planning, moved to the areas. While closing into the target area his leading squad came under heavy indiscriminate terrorist fire from multiple directions, injuring some members of his squad. With utter disregard to his personal safety he successfully evacuated one of his injured men to safety. Thereafter the officer crawled forward again to evacuate the second man but was grievously injured. Inspite of his injuries he pulled out the second man to safety. Subsequently, unmindful of the injuries, he continued engaging the terrorists and closed in to one of the hiding terrorist. In a daring encounter he killed one foreign terrorist in a fierce hand to hand combat. He later succumbed to his injuries fighting for his motherland in the finest traditions of Indian Army. For his exemplary and gallant act, he was awarded the Kirti Chakra (Posthumous).


On July 12, 2009 at 0700 hrs, Shri Vinod Kumar Choubey, Superintendent of Police, Rajnandgaon received a message that naxalites have attacked Madanwara outpost of PS Manpur, District Rajnandangaon and killed two policemen. Sensing the serious consequences of the incident, Shri Choubey, SP, and the IGP rushed to the spot from their respective Headquarters. En-route, Shri Choubey’s carcade was ambushed by the naxalites near police station Manpur. However, he kept moving and instructed the ASI at PS Manpur to come in a mine proof vehicle (MPV) with additional force. The naxalites had laid fresh road blocks on the road. Shri Choubey cleared the blocs and bravely reached the site where a fierce fighting was going on between the police and naxalites. The MPV of police was attacked with bullets and bombs. The men in MPV were in a perilous capture and death situation but were fighting. The IGP’s party and SP’s party kept attacking the naxalites. Timely intervention saved the trapped policemen in a fierce battle. A transport bus of civilians which had entered amidst the ambush was also rescued to safety. About 300 naxalites came from the forest firing fiercely. Many climbed up the trees and threw grenades incessantly at the police party. Police was caught in a precarious situation and were exposed in the open without any cover. They were being fired at from all directions. However, the police party led by Shri Choubey retained their nerves and despite the naxalites’ numerical and topographical advantage, courageously took on the attack and retaliated formidably while making concerted efforts to save the life of their men in grave situation with the reinforcement not in sight. In this adverse situation, Shri Choubey leading from the front as leader of the party decided to make a dent in the naxal attack, and moved from his position and sprang towards the naxalites in the trenches 10 meters away and fired at them. This bold and unexpected counter attack caused a flutter of panic amongst the naxalites and forced them to retreat behind the large rocks. Thus emboldened policemen opened fire and continued the attack. A fierce uneven battle ensued. Shri Choubey fought heroically with iron determination and raw grit. In the continued firing, he was grievously hurt, but continued to fire and ultimately made the supreme sacrifice of his life at the altar of duty. He displayed an exceptional quality of leadership and bravery worth emulating where an officer rose to the occasion and laid down his life saving his men from deadly attack of the naxalites. For this exemplary and gallant act he was awarded Kirti Chakra, posthumously.


Anonymous said...

It is in light of these sacrifices that I realize that no matter what I do it will fall short of what these men have done for our country but i also do know that no sacrifice is too big, no effort is too small... I am proud to be an Indian and a fellow citizen of these brave souls!! Respect to you and your family !!!

Jai Hind!!

Anonymous said...

it is our duty to make our country worth there sacrifices.RIP.

Mr. Ra said...

Brave Sons of Mother India...

I salute them.


i salute my countrymen for their selfless deeds n vow to take my county to greater heights in wutever small way..i can..i promise to fight against all evil n corrption in dat ur sacrifice ll yield d results u n i n all of us wanted

Gokul said...

I salute our heroes on this occasion

Nikhil said...

Jai Hind ! Jai Hind ! Jai Hind!

Anonymous said...

RIP brave souls.

Politicians, see India's bests and learn something...

Anonymous said...

i salute to these brave heros...

Anonymous said...

I salute the Brave Hearts of India from all walks of life, who have not hesitated even in giving supreme sacrifices for our good.

However, I am worried only on one account. "Pakistan" is written writ large on our losses everywhere. The Pakistani grand strategy of "Survival on India Hatred" is effecting the present young generation of India very badly. I was alarmed by the negative responses Sania Mirza attracted on

I can see it clearly that Pakistan's grand strategy of hatred is becoming causes of her doom. Their hate strategy is suicidal and no one can save a society or a group or a country which is on suicidal path. There is something terribly wrong with their elites

Anonymous said...

How better can a man die aginst so many fearfull odds,but for the ashes of his parents and temples of his god......may god bless the soulS of these brave.....RIP

Anonymous said...

You BR rats -

Look response by one your members for a comment that pointed out DRDO website mistake.

suraj p wrote:

What they did on main DRDO website is a shameful act and disgrace to Indian armed forces.

They copied most famous Iwo jima memorial and pasted Indian flag on top of American flag and proudly displayed that on main DRDO website.
look at picture 5

Raghavendra wrote:
Dude i have seen that picture on the net for years now, many people use that pic as either their avatar or sig in other forums. No drdo didnt PS it, they have just displayed it, for god's sake stop abusing them atleast today on independence day.

suraj p wrote:
I wonder DRDO is a complete "Ctrl-C" shop. including the scientific team.

Raghavendra wrote:
If that's so easy, can u make Ctrl+C ICBM missile for us India and indians would be proud of your achievement

Mr. Rahul - I pointed out childish behavior or BR members in a response to your message some days back. You said come to BR is great.

Is this really great!

Raghavendra commenting:

1. that image is on net and DRDO just displaying it.
They Photoshopped it Mr. Photoshopped and pasted Indian flag.

Murali said...

Rest in Peace.. brave souls...

Hope and pray God gives the strength to their families..

Anonymous said...

god bless the families of these brave sons of mother india..

Anonymous said...

@ Rahul.
Desi kids, people across the border.

What are you talking about.

Just look at the discussion between Suraj p and Raghavendra on Iwo-jima.

Damn, as a tax payer to Indian Govt. I have the right to praise and abuse DRDO.

Your folks are behaving like North korean Junta by posting all the slur. Now you want to say that we are kids and people from across the border.

Damn, I am a PhD from BARC and and member of a team and struggling to create a better life for people of India including you.

Don't you call us kids or people from across border.

You see to be very very arrogant and over confident person.

I suggest you control your freak kids on your BR forums who do lungi dances and abuse peoples honest opinions.

ivan said...

You are the weapons of my country, who safeguard our country 365 Days and 24 by 7. You will be remembered by the people of my country , even if our politician dont remember anything. We salute you in Pride and Honour, JAI HIND.

Anonymous said...

A big salute to you brave souls. RIP

Mr. Ra said...

By killing our such Heros, Pakistan is digging its own huge graveyard.

India eternal and forever...

jtl310 said...

- These are truly great men who put their lives on the line everyday. It is a great honor to have such individuals leading the various forces that protect every citizens freedom and democracy.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

May you all rest in peace. God Bless.

Olly said...

Ordinary people carrying out extra-ordinary feats inspire of their fears and apprehensions are called "heroes".

We must all take the way these men died to heart and should the moment present itself in our lives, not fail to act like they did to save others despite our own fears.

India can never have enough of such brave souls. They are now immortal and their names and deeds will live on in history.

Anonymous said...

A life extraordinary! I feel humbled and am in awe.

Anonymous said...

Dear Shiv,

I am an Army man.
It is very sad but still a pleasing scene to see that a police officer is one of the brave haert who has done us proud. I salute him and pray for peace to his sould and strenght to his family to bear the tragic loss.

It is a wrong impression that people in the Militray deride sacrifices of others. What ever I know it is not so.

But fake and made up sacrifices like that of Hemant Karkare and other guys in Bombay needs to be strongly derided and condemned. Sacrifices of heroes like VK Choubey needs to be saluted with reverence and pride.

Military honours are the prerogatives of all and so are the civilian honours. Do they ever mind to award civilian honours to Military Men? But why not ???

Anonymous said...

Sadly....we will make their sacrifices another statistic....

Anonymous said...

They were there when their country needed them, sadly we cannot say the same for the country being there for their families. The corrupt Babus that we elect and put in the positions from where the abuse their power and discourage others from following in the foot steps of these brave exemplary citizens of our country. From what I have seen and read, the families of the security forces killed during the attack on the parliament have still to be conpensated for their loss... I wouldn't be surprised if the story is still the same for the falimies of Kargil war heroes. We are a democracy, and remember we are the people who hold the power, but for some reason or another, we do not know how to utilize it. Sadly, no change is in sight.