Monday, August 09, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: The Proposed Indian Multirole Helicopter (IMRH) Detailed

The Indian Multi-Role Helicopter (IMRH), which should hopefully soon begin development with the selection of an international technology partner, finally has a set of final specs (they underwent a change last year). The image you see above is the first diagrammatic representation of the helicopter from official material being prepared for documents that will follow up the invitations for Expressions of Interest (EoI) sent out last year.

HAL has proposed that the platform needs to have an all-up weight of 13 metric tons, a maximum speed of 275-km/h and a service ceiling of 22,000 ft. The Indian military wants the helicopter to have a payload capacity of 3,500-kg and range of 500-km at sea level. The IMRH platform is to sport a five-blade composite main rotor with a four-bladed composite tail rotor, twin turboshaft engines with dual full authority digital engine controls. The powerplants would be required to have a 30-minute dry-run capable transmission system. All IMRHs will have glass cockpits -- using equipment from Halbit Systems, DARE and Samtel.

The bid is stuck, however, at the EoI stage, with four companies wondering what is happening. Companies that have responded to HAL’s invitation include Eurocopter (EC725 Caracal), Sikorsky (S-92A), Agusta-Westland (AW101) and Mil (Mi-17-IV).

Officially the IMRH mission spectrum includes troop movement, high-altitude air maintenance, offshore operations, heliborne and amphibious assault operations, anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare. An armed gunship version is also expected to be concurrently developed. Other proposed variants include civil transport, VVIP transport, and air-ambulance.


Mauricio said...

Recalls me the old WG 30.

Anonymous said...

Thats good news.. they have finally completed the design phase.
When do we see some desigs of LCA mk2 ????

Gautam said...

They've been talking about this for years now. Looks like development won't actually start for another few years. Meanwhile IAF is being fleeced for buying outdated Mi-17V5s that lack modern safety features like digital FBW and autopilot.

I think this would be a good opportunity for the IAF to diversify its domestic suppliers and give the private aerospace industry some growth opportunities. Cancel the M1-17s, let Tata partner up with a foreingn supplier to build something like the AW101 here and split the order with this and HAL's new medium-lift helo.

Yes, I know, wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

It will be something like this :

Airfram design consultant - Eurocopter

Engine consultant - French or GE

Avionics Consultant - Israel

Additional Avionics consultant - BEL

Operational consultant - Ministry of Defence

Final consultant - the people of India and of course LiveFist readers :)

Before bashing me , guys think - if the LCA, ALH and other programs are anything to go by !

Rahul M from BR said...

This will be like the saras program. go on for 30 years and still wont fly. in the end noone will care because whoever worked on it would retire and the project will be closed.

Anonymous said...

Luks lyk a kid's drawing...

Anonymous said...

Hope this goes on fast track

Anonymous said... many digital FBW helicopters are flying today?
Auto pilot missing in V5? wait.. and watch...

Anonymous said...

why dont we try a hybrid helicopter like X3, speed gives advantage. -- Punit Shukla