Indian Army Northern Commander Denied China Visa

You've probably seen this on the news. Lt Gen Baljit Jaswal, GOC-in-C, Northern Command of the Indian Army -- overall forces commander for Jammu & Kashmir -- has been denied a China visa for an official visit. The reason -- he commands what China perceives is a "disputed area". Well, stuff's hit the fan as you can imagine. All military interactions, such as they were, have been suspended between both countries, with an overwhelming sense that this is China once again feeding its needling needs. The two countries have in the recent past held rudimentary joint drills, landmark naval port calls, and were contemplating a very basic joint air force drill in a timeframe of the next 12 months, all in the recycle bin until further notice. The Indian government's position now is that all Sino-Indian military exchange lie temporarily suspended and will remain so contingent on China taking corrective action.

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