Indian Navy Submarine XO Dies At Sea

Lt Cdr Firdaus D Moghal, Executive Officer of Indian Naval Submarine Shankush (photo) died in an accident at sea off Mumbai this morning. The submarine, on a planned exercise had developed a defect as a result of which, the boat's maintenance crew had come out on the casing to attempt repairs. While on deck, the maintenance team was washed overboard due to very rough sea state.

A team of fiove officers and sailors led by the Executive Officer Lt Cdr Moghal started the rescue operation immediately and managed to recover all the sailors who were washed overboard. During the operation, the officer was also washed overboard and suffered injuries on his forehead. He was subsequently rescued by a Navy helicopter dispatched from INS Shikra (Naval Air Station) at Mumbai. The officer was administered first aid in-flight, but could not be revived. The post mortem report has indicated death by drowning due to an injury.

The officer was commissioned on Jan 1, 1998 and is survived by his wife Kerzinn and a two year old son. Rest in peace.

Photo Copyright Kapil Chandni/Bharat Rakshak

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