Friday, August 27, 2010

PHOTOS: Kaveri Turbine Components & Early Thermodynamic Testing

A few quick points. There are eight Kaveri engines in existence today and four Kabini cores. The engine that will be tested on an Il-76 test-bed this October at Russia's Gromov institute will be one of the eight samples that already exists -- not a Kaveri with a Snecma M88 ECO core, which does not exist yet; GTRE has only completed preliminary design and configuration for the 90kN Kaveri-ECO engine.

Photos Courtesy GTRE


Gautam said...

There have been articles about flight-testing the Kaveri in Russian Tu-16s for years but only now in 2010 is it finally happening(on an IL-76).

Wishing the GTRE success in their endeavor(even though to inexpert eyes these pictures don't look any more impressive than any video of building engines and generators in any private-sector firm), but at the same time I am glad that it has been de-linked from the LCA: The IAF have waited long enough for the fighter, if the GTRE
succeeds in lobbying for the Snecma JV then induction of LCA mk.2 will be pushed from 2012 to 2015!

Anonymous said...

thanks for showing the anatomy of Kaveri.

I believe these blades are DS casting blades.

Will there be repeat-testing once GTRE acquires crystal blades?

Or crystal blades are for Kaveri-eco engine?

I am confused?


Anonymous said...

Is that an engine installation or a plate of pasta?

Indian engineering - leading the world if last if first.




BJT_jaggernaut said...

@anon 2:50 AM
Oh yes a plate of pasta, right! Those are the wires leading out of countless probes monitoring countless minute changes and fluctuations while the ground run conditions are varied. But expecting a dumb Paki whose intellect is clouded by his theocratic society and its sharia to understand that is a bit too much. Disparaging India for all that it's worth though can be expected of you friggin paupers pretty well. Go find your bowl and ask for more international help, don't forget to go down on your knees lest your masters in the gulf and Beijing get pissed.
JAI HIND & Peace out

Rahul said...

Shiv, can you get to us maximum thrust Kaveri(one which will be installed on IL-76)has recorded in ground tests?

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Is it a lighting illusion, or are all the compressor blades in the top image irregular. Neither the plane or pitch seem constant. If those are production blades, not imitations for security reasons, than there is a serious problem.

Anonymous said...

This is news if the Kaveri is generating 90 KN Wet thrust and that too on the Kabini core.

All the best, GTRE- If this suceeds in testing, it will silence a LOT of GTRE critics (including me).

Anonymous said...

hardly surprising that that there is "preliminary" work on Kaveri-ECO. You first have to sign a contract to launch the project - and that hasn't happened yet!

Anonymous said...

So far as jet engines go the Kaveri is a somewhat dated design. I wonder when they'll eventually get around to perfecting SC blades and BLISK. And then there are more recent developments like RAM shielding, RAM blade coatings and ceramic nozzle linings.

Gautam said...

If our retarded defence babus hadn't rejected ToT for SC blades on the AL-31FN engines licence-built by HAL for the Su-30s(apparently the reason was to save money) this would have gone a lot smoothly, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the picture, the testing area for the Kaveri seems to be really cluttered and chaotic, with all those copper pipes/wires strewn all over the place. The Chinese WS-10/Taihang program seems to be much more neater and organized in comparison, at least judging by this video: