Monday, August 16, 2010

REPORT: Lanka Lauds IPKF, Finally

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bala said...

The headline is a tad misleading. When India herself has not bothered with a memorial and the recent attempts to put up a memorial were squashed by a shameless civilian group, we should be at least thankful that the Sri lankans at least got their act together

Anonymous said...

the problem is with babustan anon@6.45

its expanding by the day

Anonymous said...

Stop pretending to be an Indian you no good lankan.The IPKF had committed some HR violations 7 thousands of Tamil civilians died. You would not speak like this if your people had been humiliated & massacred.
THANK THE SRILANKANS ? You idiot ,do you even know that the Srilankans were supplying arms to the LTTE when the IPKF was fighting them. The Srilankans double crossed India. They are friends with Pakistan & China. In the 80s they gave access to the US
threatining India's security.
An A-hole like you is a threat to the unity of this country.

KPSMurli said...

It is true, lankans hate india and happly saw the IPKF humilated. It stopped the incredable india in its steps. When BR types say india should do this or that....remember what happened on the little pearl island :-) got raped.

Rajiv also must be the first PM in the world to have been smashed by a foreign sailors rifle on a parade in his honour :)) ...incredible can hear the beat....

Anonymous said...

@KPSMurali, Rajiv was probably the best PM India ever had. Wars are fought over incidents like that.
India did get mauled in Lanka. Because it chose to let itself get mauled.
But I doubt it could have done much more in such a situation where friend and foe were unclear and everybody hated the IPKF.
Personally I see losing 1200 men as an unacceptable loss, and wouldn't have minded if the 'pearl island' was torched to avenge the 1200 deaths.
Today, no one cares squat about Lanka except maybe a cheap diving vacation once in a while. It is geopolitically insignificant and is rightly being treated as such.

KPSMurali said...

wait till we allow the PLAN (chinese navy) to park few ship on the 'perl island' and then we will see your gods turns in their grave :-))) and your leaders come begging as they have always done...

Anonymous said...

anon@12:43 AM

you moron, you do know that the LTTE is an indian creation right? It was created because sri lanka was tilting toward pakistan, china, usa ..

so no, they were not supplying arms to the LTTE.. indian intelligence was. you are the stupid RAT here

Anonymous said...

anon@2:43 PM

You idiot everybody knows who trained the LTTE. And we were supporting them til the late 1980s.

They betrayed India and are accountable along with the Tigers for the death of 1200 Indians.

Anonymous said...


The Srilankans are as much guilty as the LTTE(for those 1200 Indian lives).
They are double crossers who have always had dealings with our adversaries in the past & the present.
There is no need to thank them instead India should pressurize the Srilankans to treat their minority better now that the LTTE is finished.

Ram said...

Who cares about Sri Lank, pearl island or peril island. The last of the LTTE Cadres were made to sit naked on beaches and shot dead. The Sri Lankan Govt has evolved a secret plan to ethinically cleanse Sri lanka of Tamilians. It is believed that such a process has already started in Jaffna.
In so far as the operations of IPKF is concerned, the period saw the massacre of *Indian Soldiers. Apart from that the Navy also saw the evolving of one of the worlds finest special force, which conduct some very daring and damaging operations which affected the LTTE very much.