AFSPA Or Nothing, Says Chairman Chiefs Of Staff

Indian Air Force chief & Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee PV Naik laid it pretty plain on the churning issue of the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). Met him today at the IAF's AFNET inuguration event, where he said, "If a soldier is to be potent and effective in a counter-insurgency theatre, he must have have all the legal protection he can get." The government is expected to take a call on a controversial dilution of the AFSPA for parts of Jammu & Kashmir. The armed forces are deeply troubled, once again, about the possibility of an operational facilitator, albeit a contentious one, being sacrificed at the altar of political considerations.

In the newsroom, we're constantly bombarded with opinion about the subject. Be great to know what everyone thinks -- should the AFSPA be withdrawn or diluted in parts of Jammu & Kashmir?

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