Eurojet Reacts To Defeat, Says Decision Means Tejas Won't Get Best Engine [UPDATED]

Eurojet Gmbh has accepted defeat in the Tejas Mk-II engine competition. Just received this statement from the company:

"We respect the decision taken by the Price Negotiating Committee. However, we regret that the Committee has decided against the most capable & latest generation engine on offer for the LCA-Tejas. Together with our consortium partner companies and their respective governments we will carefully study the decision and its implications. We expect further details from Indian authorities and more information about the process leading to the announced selection. This decision does not affect our strong commitment to India. We will continue to explore true and trusted partnerships here which will support the development of a strong Indian aerospace and defence industry."

[UPDATE@22.25 IST] The GE F414 turbofan is understood to have been found more price competitive when several other costs were added to the fixed commercial proposals put forward by GE and Eurojet. The other costs included custom modification of the engine, ground and flight-testing and certification of the modified engine and, crucially, technology transfer elements such as jigs, assemblies etc. The deal, worth approximately $800-million, is for 99 engines, with options for 100 more. GE hasn't reacted to the news just yet, but are likely to make a statement shortly. No official word from Boeing or Gripen, though folks at the Indian offices of both firms are appropriately delighted.

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