More Junk For The Indian Navy, To Get 2 Used American Minehunters [UPDATED]

Looks like the Indian government can't get enough of treating its Navy like a junkyard for defunct American vessels. Wire reports say the the US Senate has cleared the transfer of two decommissioned Osprey-class minehunters to the Indian Navy, both decommissioned from service in the US Navy in 2007. Oh well, so we'll see another audit report a couple of years from now about how we paid too much for scrap.

[CORRECTION/UPDATE]: The Indian Navy just got in touch to say that the wire reports yesterday were not fully accurate. The US Senate has cleared the sale of the two minehunters to a list of countries that include India. What follows will be a bidding process, and the Indian Navy may or may not bid -- it is still to make an assessment.

Photo of the Osprey-class Minehunter Pelican

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