Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PHOTOS: Defence Ministers of India & China Hang Out At Hanoi

Indian Defence Minister AK Antony met his Chinese counterpart Liang Guanglie at a banquet hosted by the Vietnamese Defence Minister Gen Phung Quang Thanh on the eve of the ASEAN Plus Eight Defence Ministers' Meeting in Hanoi Monday (11 October 2010).

Photos Courtesy DPR Defence


Gautam said...

They should hit it off pretty well. After all, both are Communists.

Although, for all his faults, I'll give Ak this: he's actually taking a tough stand w.r.t. to the border with China.

Kannan said...

First of all dont shoot off your mouth without knowing head from ur ass.AK Antony is of trade union leader origin.He is not a commie..infact he hates commies&commie hates him.He was the first CM to finish off trade union goondaism in Kerala etc But party factionalism did him in. indecisive but honest guy.

Anonymous said...

Kannan @ 6:28 PM

Couldn't agree with you more on your closing comment of "indecisive but honest guy".

Mr. Ra said...

Why the Red Dragon thing seems to be irritated with our Item.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese minister gives me the jitters....Sure looks like an offense minister with an evil touch...our Anthony is cuddly compared to him

Gautam said...

Kannan my dear,

Antony has and always well be left of centre. He was even suggested as a 'compromise' leader back when the Left was supporting the UPA.

His MoD's long history of one-sidedly putting the monopoly of the Defence PSUs and Ordinance Factories over the demands of the armed forces and the private defence sector should be testament to that.

Anonymous said...

Anthony looks like a little mouse, in the glare of the dragon :-). I do agree he is an honest man. We could do with his type in Pakistan.