Raytheon Clarifies On Indian Missile Threat Gaffe, Edits Brochure

Raytheon has acted upon a Livefist post a couple of days ago about a brochure that seemed to indicate that India's ballistic missile programme was as much a threat to the US and its allies as those of Iran and North Korea. The company has removed the said content from the brochure in question and written in with a clarification as follows:

Raytheon Missile Systems' John Patterson, Senior Manager, Public Relations has said, "The brochure does not accurately reflect Raytheon’s thinking and we have removed it from our website. We are embarrassed by it and appreciate having it brought to our attention. We greatly value our customer relationships in India and we are proud of our growing number of mutually beneficial partnerships." Mr Patterson has also posted the above as a comment on the earlier Livefist post.

The fact that Raytheon has removed the said page from the SM-3 brochure (edited) does indicate that the potentially controversial content was a possible oversight. Like I said before, it has taken far less to miff the people in South Block, so this was probably prudent.

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