Friday, October 29, 2010

UPDATE: Eurofighter AESA Radar Full-Op By 2015


Kunal said...

Isn't it just a matter of semantics? Re-positioner (Captor-E) = Swash-plate ( Gripen's Raven). Marketing gimmicks with sprinkling of jargon for the gullible.

Anonymous said...

How many UAV/UCAVs will the Indian Air Force acquire in the next 15 years ?

Anonymous said...

Yea its a bit ridiculous of them to try and work around and obscure the fact that the radar is essentially the ES-05 Raven with a few tweaks.

None of the EF partners felt it necessary to develop a AESA radar. And then SAAB wanted an AESA from SELEX and the EF consortium simply told SELEX to fit it to the Eurofighter as well.

Rather clever way to save development costs.

Anonymous said...

AESA will be delivered and operationnal on Rafale as soon as 2012 for French Air Force and French Navy ;)

Anonymous said...

"ES-05 Raven with a few tweaks"

A few tweaks?!

How about a 50% bigger antenna, a completely diferent backend and a diferent mechanical repositioner?