Monday, November 01, 2010

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: The RAF Typhoon At Ex-Indradhanush-2010

Photos Courtesy Wg Cdr Mahesh Upasani


Anonymous said...

Shiv, do you have any update and pics about F-INSAS?? Pls post. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i like this aircraft but wat abt problems it struck with spanish EF? involving a sudi pilot dead is some wat dislikings for MMRCA said...

Any photos of all the tankers and E-3's?

Anonymous said...


Its been 19 days and counting since you promised us on the latest updates on LCA TEJAS. I see only pics Shiv, so please, please work on that.

Yep, its me again,

Mr. Ra said...

I will consider it successful only if it strafes down powerfully at Guangzhou and Shakaripur in broad daylight.

mathiman said...

I dont like the "look and feel " of this aircraft.

Does nt have that imposing look.
Dont want this to make it thru MMRCA.

Its difficult to deal with even one european country at a time. How can we (who cannot even manage russians, or lankans) , get across our point with a 4-5 european countries.

Will lead to lot of humiliations .

RAFALE isthe best choice. It was justa show. we always wanted the next thing to Mirage 2000.

Maximus said...

Hi, Just heard from airforce sources that the Eurofighter got lammed by the Sukhois both in visual range and BVR. Any news?