Thursday, November 25, 2010

F-16 Now An "Enemy" On ex-USN Warship

Spotted this poster near the operations room on board INS Jalashwa (formerly the American USS Trenton). Somehow, dont think the folks at Lockheed-Martin are going to find this funny.

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MPatel said...

Hi guys,

have a look at this...its from another angle:!

we are up against this and it will only get better. I just hope the LCA somehow pulls through its current troubles.

Anonymous said...

Very Ironic for the Americans

Prashanth said...

Hey what does the last one say?

Size: A few ????? upwards
Location: Any un(??)tended place
Cost: Very, very costly
Outcome: Possibly fatal

And ..noodles?

Anonymous said...

It is an Indian Navy ship NOW .SO what if it was with US navy earlier .

Lockheed Martin should nt be bothered with such small matters

Please specify the meaning of F O D
in the diagram .It is not clear to us

keshto said...

LCA Tejas Falls Short of Earlier Expectations - Aviationweek

sushanta said...

Have we forgotten that Pakistan has f-16A and recently acquired F-16B/C with BVR capabilities so why it should not be on the list.

F.O.D means foreign object debris , these are various things that can get sucked into in the engine intake leading to engine flame out.

Anonymous said...

foreign object damage

Anonymous said...

nothing new u reap what u sow.

ArkAngel said...

@ Prashanth & @ Anon 7:14pm
F.O.D = Foreign Object Damage.
Bits and pieces lying around that could damage an aircraft.

keshto said...

Indian Air Force Conducts Trials for Boeing AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopters at NEWSPost India

Sid said...

who gives a fuck what LM thinks. Its an Indian baby now.

One more reason why we should not buy F-16.

Rahul said...

Somehow, dont think the folks at Lockheed-Martin are going to find this funny.

Why? Doesn't LM know that Navy's greatest threat from air is pakistani F-16s?

Anonymous said...

The JF-17s(with non-western avionics and missiles now) will have enough on its plate WITHOUT a single LCA being inducted.
The IAF is right,for the future on indigenous capability and industry,get the LCA inducted in IOC or whatever.Then work further.