Friday, November 26, 2010

PHOTOS: On An Amphibious Landing Drill From INS Jalashwa

Travelled in one of Jalashwa's four Landing Craft Mechanised (LCM) to Hope Island, a sandbar in the Krishna-Godavari basin for an amphibious landing drill with Army troops from the 91 Infantry Brigade. Landing craft from INS Airavat also participated in the exercise.

Photos by Shiv Aroor / Bay of Bengal


Anonymous said...

everytime i come to your blog, i cannot believe it is free. you do an amazing job for something that is not your main work. wanted to tell you that i would gladly pay a subscription should you ever consider making this a pay site. kudos to you and all the very best.

Anonymous said...

shiv you rocks jalaswa looks really big but i feel sad that we dont have any future lpd programs in the jalaswa tonnage recently chinkies launched 20k tonnage lpd and launching many more
we need atleast 3 mistral class lpd onr each for south east western command l&t shipyards lying freely without any projects govt should rope l&t to built lpds in their shipyards

Rahul said...

Shiv, please, please don't make it a subscription/pay site as that Anon@9.02PM suggested. There aren't many sources and you are our only source for us interested folks.

a poor man said...

anon @ 9.02 why are doing this if you have lots of money then donate it to shiv's account.