Roping It Between Two Destroyers!

Yep, that's me in that harness. And this was seriously awesome. The Indian Navy gave me a chance to be transferred across by rope harness from Kashin-class guided-missile destroyer INS Ranvir to its sibling INS Rana out in the Bay of Bengal on November 24 -- a common mode of transfer of men and material between warships at sea. Was tranferred by a Chetak chopper from the Jalashwa deck onto the Ranvir (where, among a lot else, I saw for the first time in real life the 8-cell vertical launch BrahMos unit on the aft deck -- photos soon). The inter-ship transfer was amazing and very quick, about 15 seconds in all. Both destroyers cruised alongside each other as I was transferred across. My deep thanks to Cdr Manish Bhandari (XO on Ranvir), Lt Cdr Deepak Nair (weapons officer on Rana) and sailors on both ships for their time and help.

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