Gorshkov Redux: Russians Demand $100-mil More To Complete Indian Frigate Order

In a Gorshkov-style jolt (though not quite on the same scale), Russia's Kalingrad-based Yantar shipyard has told Russia's Rosoboronexport that it will need $100-million more to complete the construction of three stealth frigates for the Indian Navy --Teg, Tarkash and Trikand -- follow ons to the Talwar-class frigates already in service. The follow-on deal was signed in 2006. The Kommersant newspaper indicates that a delay in delivery is also implied, so it's like deliveries won't meet their 2011-12 timeframe. It remains to be seen if the escalation is passed onto the Indian Navy, though it won't be surprising if it is.

Photo: RIA Novosti

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