Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Indian Navy Finally Floats DSRV Bid

The Indian Navy has officially announced its intention to procure two free-swimming deep submergence rescue vehicles (DSRV), a move perceived to be substantially delayed. The bid, published by the navy's Directorate of Submarine Acquisition, comes shortly after the Navy invited information from Indian and global shipbuilders to support the procurement of two new 3,000-ton diving support vessels (DSV). The navy has indicated that it is willing to consider DSRV platforms that are currently still in development.

To quote from the July post linked to above, the Indian Navy's previous attempt to buy two DSRVs was cancelled in 2005 following charges of corruption, though the effort has finally picked up again. The Indian Navy has a submarine rescue agreement with the US Navy (air-deployed DSRV kit in 48 hours), on which it would be wholly dependent if an Indian submarine were ever in distress.

The Indian Navy's submarine strength continues to be a major concern. With the recent retirement of its last Foxtrot-class boat, the navy's submarine arm now has 14 diesel-electrics. On a recent visit with the Navy out to the Bay of Bengal, Eastern Naval Command chief of staff Rear Admiral KB Singh reaffirmed those concerns.


indian defence forum said...

i remember that during the KURSK tragedy, russia sorely missed the DSRVs and that was the primary reason for the failed rescue attempt of the crew of the KURSK

but in my opinion India should go for atleast 4 DSRVs considering the fact that the indian navy intends to have 4 nuclear submarines by 2020

Anonymous said...

Simple solution to a confusing problem. The MIR submersible id the best in the world for this kind of job, Russian design Finnish made. Good choice.

Anonymous said...

Admiral Gorshkov Part - 2 ! Russia Does it again !!

Russian shipbuilders ask for $100 million to complete frigates for India