"Muslim" Think Tank To PAF: Get UCAVs To Counter IAF Strength, Quotes Koran To Support Suggestion

A Kuala Lumpur-based institute Grande Strategy (no kidding), which describes itself as a "Muslim think-tank providing strategy and analysis from an Islamic perspective" has published an online "strategy paper" today (by a defence analyst called Meinhaj Hussein) suggests UCAVs as a "possible solution in countering India's military aviation threat to Pakistan." The paper recommends that the PAF develop this proposed UCAV in the same way that it developed the JF-17. It even quotes from the Koran to pitch UCAVs as the assymetric answer to India's fifth generation push.

After a rather droning (no pun intended) primer on the advantages/disadvantages of UCAVs, the paper goes on to recommend that UCAVs in Pakistani service are the only platforms that will be able to counter the "larger number of fifth generation fighters" India will have by 2025.

Some excerpts:
The rest is pretty much a suggestion that Pakistan look about acquiring the X-47 Pegasus. Hoo boy. Read the rest here [PDF]. No pressure, though. :)

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