Wednesday, December 22, 2010

PHOTOS: Tipnis Grey Nishant UAV Flies

The last time one of these was spotted was a wheeled tippy grey Nishant at Aero India 2009.

Photos Courtesy DRDO


Anonymous said...

The Nishant project was started in 1990. After 20 yrs it is still inn the trial & development stage. What a perfomance the DRDO has put up to fellow countrymen. I don't understand what plagues the DRDO projects?

Anonymous said...

it is only good for trials and nothing else..

Tanmay said...

how long is it gonna take private firm to enter in defense field??

DRDO cant do all these things must show faith in Private sector too

indian said...

The Nishant project was started in 1990 after 20year we doing some thing i this area....great to see 1billion country , look at china develop in 20 year where they can challange us where we are we can challange only srilanka nepal..etc not pakistan because Beggars have guts to do want ever they want ...etc

mathi man said...

Can some one answer my query on the LCA tejas.

Is its maximum speed only 1.8 mach?

In its present configuration, it can only fly for 45 minutes?

So, will these be later improved for mark 1 or what?

Anonymous said...

Why is it called Tipnis Grey?