Friday, January 21, 2011

Indian P-8s To Hunt Subs With CAE MAD

The Indian Navy's eight P-8I maritime reconnaissance and ASW aircraft will be fitted with Canadian firm CAE's AN/ASQ-508A [.pdf] Advanced Integrated Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) System. [Statement:] CAE has been awarded a subcontract by the Boeing company to provide CAE's AN/ASQ-508A Advanced Integrated Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) System for eight P-8I Poseidon aircraft to be operated by the Indian Navy. The MAD system provides the capability to detect, locate, and confirm subsurface targets by identifying magnetic variations or anomalies, such as those caused by a submarine, in the Earth's magnetic field.


Anonymous said...

Good article on P-8I development, vendors and status

Point to note-The MAD in the P-8I made by CAE is not produced in USA but in Canada for a deal value of $140 Million. Heard at a BR forum that US MAD's are apparently "not for export". Would like to know if this 140M is in addition to the $ 2.1 B India is spending on the first 8 and 1 B for the next 4 P-8I's.

Shiv-Any knowledge to share on top of the news?


Mr. Ra said...

All regarding the prices on the western front are always quiet and justified. There are no other option.