Monday, January 24, 2011

Indigenous Stuff At Republic Day 2011

Just got this release from DRDO about its products on display on Republic Day, January 26 as part of a float. Posting in full:


"The Tejas, India's first supersonic fighter aircraft is the smallest, lightweight, supersonic, multi-role combat aircraft, and best in its class in the world. This single-engine, compound-delta-wing, tailless aircraft is indigenously designed and developed to meet the diverse needs of the Indian Air Force. It can reach a speed of Mach 1.6. and can operate up to an altitude of 15 Km. TEJAS will serve the Indian Air force for a long time to come. Tejas is an amalgamation of contemporary concepts and technologies such as relaxed static-stability, fly-by-wire control, advanced digital cockpit, integrated digital avionics systems and advanced composite material for the airframe which makes the aircraft very agile with carefree menoeuvering capabilities. Glass cockpit and Digital Avionics make TEJAS world class.

The two seat tandem configuration Air Force Trainer is derived from the fighter version. It has been an endeavored to maintain maximum commonality amongst all the variants of Tejas, namely: Air Force Fighter, Air Force Trainer, Navy Trainer and Navy Fighter. Front fuselage of Trainer was modified to accommodate the second cockpit. Both front & rear cockpits of Trainer are configured to replicate the pilot vehicle interface (PVI) as in the fighter version. The trainer version has drooped nose for better cockpit vision and larger canopy to accommodate rear cockpit with 5° additional vision for rear pilot. It has mechanically interconnected control stick, rudder pedal and throttle. Trainers are powered by GE-F404-IN-20 engine. It had its maiden flight on 26th Nov 2009 and the handling qualities of the aircraft are excellent as per IAF pilots. This aircraft is expected to complete Initial Operational Clearance by end Dec 2011. Indian Air Force has already placed order for 8 trainers.

Tejas two seat aircraft has been designed not only as a "Type Trainer" but also as precision weapon launch platform for air-to-air, air-to-ground air-to-sea missions with effective stores management system (SMS) capable of handling a wide range of weapons and stores. It also can be equipped with variety of sensors like Multi Mode Radar (MMR), Litening Pod and Helmet Mounted Display and Sight (HMDS). Tejas Trainer has very good potential in the world market primarily as a supersonic fighter trainer and also be capable of handling precision weapons and state-of-the-art sensors. TEJAS program is spearheaded by ADA under the department of Defence R&D, with HAL as its principal partner. A large number of DRDO laboratories, CSIR, IAF, Academic Institutions, Defense Public Sector and Private Sector undertakings have participated in the program and made it a success story for Indian Aviation Industry. TEJAS is certainly the Crowning Glory for India."


"Light Weight Torpedo TAL (Torpedo Advanced Light): Light Weight Torpedo TAL (Torpedo Advanced Light) which is useful in anti-submarine warfare operations. Capable of being launched from both ships and aircraft, this torpedo is presently under induction into service.

Heavy Weight Torpedo VARUNASTRA: The Heavyweight Torpedo VARUNASTRA, which is in the final phases of technology development, is a weapon that incorporates advanced technology for greater power, reach and lethality. Upon induction, VARUNASTRA would be a world-class underwater weapon with the country.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV): Also displayed is the AUTONOMOUS UNDERWATER VEHICLE (AUV), a multi-mission unmanned underwater vehicle that is highly effective for surveillance, reconnaissance, counter-intelligence and attack modes of operation.

Maareech Decoy System: Also featured is the MAAREECH decoy system, which seduces the incoming torpedo and prevents it from homing to our platforms by its advanced countermeasure capabilities."


PSYCLONE said...

"...the MAAREECH decoy
system, which "SEDUCES" the incoming
torpedo and prevents it from
homing to our platforms by its
advanced countermeasure

Are you kidding me?????

seriously they could have used better wording.....

Anonymous said...

Why you expect flight display of Tejas?? the jurnos are waiting to pull some new crap. I hope they dont do any display during aero india also. Enough of the media crap. Army is not displaying Arjuns even when they are inducted. DRDO knows the fate of Tejas after induction, so they are just doing the same.

Mr. Ra said...

They should have included Arjun within the indigenous stuff.

Anonymous said...


if only some foreign organisation have used the same words..there would have been praise for the wording

Anonymous said...

The DG of mechanized Fart wants to design a new tank. these bandars (top tank mans) were sleeping all along the development years of arjun. Now the lower rank of our jawans will suffer with T90s.

the terminator said...

I am surprised that the DG, a Lt Gen Baradwaj for mechanized warfare is still around and dreaming of Russian natashas coming up with a FMBT.

It is people like him who run down indigenous effort and yearn for foreign stuff hoping for backsheesh that would set them up comfortably after retirement.

Why are the Armed Forces still shying away from the Arjun even after it has shown that it is a better tank than the T90s?

And why is the Air Force or the organizers of the Republic Day Celebrations or even the AeroIndia to be held in February show a flight of Tejas? An aerobatic display would show all detractors of Tejas what an advanced aircraft it is and at the same time instill some pride about Indian made products in the ordinary Indian.

When one does not display indigenous products that only shows ones inferiority complex or worse the fear that those products would reveal the inherent defects in design and manufacture.

Whatever the reasons it is high time Indians develop a sense of pride in their ability to compete with other advanced nations.

Writing derogatory articles about indigenous products is demoralizing Indian scientists and engineers. It is also akin to lying down and spitting at the sky.

Is it because of being colonized for hundreds of years that we have developed a servile mentality where anything foreign is great and local ones are inferior?

Vinz said...

I remember reading someplace that single engine aircraft don't get to fly for the RD parade.
That could rule out the flying Tejas display.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how the Tejas fares aerodynamically, but how come GRipen with the same engine reaches Mach 2 whereas Tejas is limited to Mach 1.6-1.8? The Gripen looks sleeker than the slightly smaller stubby LCA but not sure if this is where LCA missed out while on top speed aerodynamics. Can anybody shed some information on this and whether work is underway to rectify it in next version. We also need to incorporate significant RCS reduction measures in Tejas Mk2 if if we want it to be a effective multirole a/c and not a transient as in the same timeframe the 5th generation guys will start getting around in force around the world.

Mr. Ra said...

Based upon the available technical data, I feel that up to some certain part loads Tejas should be a Mach-2.

I think that they do not want to impress us in this part load manner.

Anonymous said...

vinz might have a point..dont rem seeing any single engines flyers out there....

Anonymous said...

Have you guys forgot about the IJT Sitara; What is happening on the IJT ??

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