Tuesday, February 08, 2011

AERO INDIA: MMRCA Horses In A Pretty Line

Folks, as you've probably figured, the low-rez mobile cam photos are posted while I'm on site, and I can't get higher rez than this with the networks we have (and the phone I have). Obviously I'll top these up with good quality camera photos later in the day when I have access to a computer. Scroll up and you'll see.

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Anonymous said...

Noticeably absent?

mathew dallas said...

Appreciate your hard work and dedication. It is because of your effort I get to see what really is happening at the Exhibit. Thanks. And please do see to it that Vikas's(Sarang) family is taken care of, do write about it.

Ravi Khanna said...

i think eurofighter should win the mmrca contract...! What do u say???

Gone Crazy said...

It better be the EF ! It believe it comes with much lesser complications, strings attached and a political and strategic chance to rope in a no. of European countries for our future.
God Bless India!