Could This Be The MMRCA Ranking? :)

These are the poll results of yet another super-unempirical, unscientific poll that I put up here a few days ago. Among the six options was one that reflected in precise terms a ranking that was conveyed to select journalists at Aero India by Indian Air Force officers, who of course asked not be named. They claimed that this one ranking was the one that concluded the field evaluation trial report submitted to the MoD. With the surfeit of hearsay we've had so far, I've decided not to explicitly put out that ranking until it's official or can be attributed to someone in the IAF/government. Obviously, the options above may not be real at all until we know something for sure. That said, the poll I conducted had no real intention. All I really wanted to do is put that unofficial ranking out there, without putting it out there. Obviously, if I tell you guys how well/badly you polled, that would be giving it away. Either way, it won't be long before we know something substantial. So let's wait.

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