Saturday, February 05, 2011

FIRST VIDEO: IAF C-130J Lands At Home-base Hindon

Video Courtesy DPR Defence / By Sgt Vijay Kumar, IAF


Sam said...

What I would call a full figured beauty :). Great day for the IAF

Anonymous said...

i keep wondering how you keep this blog free. fantastic job you do.

sanu said...

wellcome aboard big guy!!congratz!

sanu said...

offtopic but a important news-japan in response to China's
military power is increasing its total defense spending
estimated at 23.49 trillion yen
($276 billion) for next 5 years!!

There is whole lotta drama is going to happen in coming years,and u guys know if japanese guys r goin allout,we could see whole new range of weapons!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the in flight refueling probe? Seems to be missing on this aircraft. Can you please find out?

Anonymous said...

So the pilots have to fill the landing card as well!

Our bureaucrats! What all rules they make!

Interesting for a first plane of a kind in our airforce, we have the IAF flying it all the way from US!

very impressive!

Anonymous said...

@4:26 Anon

refueling probe is not required for C130. If you see the fourth pic, you can see that the fuel tank is wide open on its right hand side. When ever there is a need for fuel, one person (with safety gears) will help attaching fuel nozzle to the tank.

refueling probe is required only for fighter aircraft which doesn't have any additional man power to spare (just pilot & navigator). Also, they fly at a higher speed, it is not possible for navigator to get out and aid refuelling. All these transport plan types won't have pods, as they have extra man power to do that. It is also good because, you can refuel faster as the opening in nozzle is bigger than that in the pod.

Adarsh said...

To Anon 10.20

A Refueling probe is required for a C-130J, as it is an aircraft used for Special Operations, Refueling Probe today is seen in almost all aircrafts except Strategic Transports. Bombers, VIP Aircrafts, Helcopters, AWACS, Special Operations Aircrafts. Search the same blog, for pictures of C-130J under construction, You will see the refueling probe. So I am quite suprised to see c-130J without one. Maybe IAF has kitted out different C-130J's for Special Missions.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:32. C-130J for the IAF is supposed to come with IFR probe. Here is a pic of KC3801 with the IFR. The one which has been handed over to IAF is KC3802 without the IFR. This was the same aircraft which was handed over to IAF at Marietta a few weeks back.

I had spoken to Kedar Karmakar who was there at the ceremony and he had confirmed this too. I am pretty sure KC-3801 will also be fitted with the IFR. When and where is my question.

Indranil Roy.

Anonymous said...

Superb aircraft! The IAF needs at least 20+ more ASAP. The situation on the IAF's transport front is getting pretty critical. The C-130J is one of the best buys the IAF has made over the past decade (the SU-30 MKI and Phalcons being the others).

satbir said...

Anonymous 10:32 AM
There is a refueling probe but that can be added and removed as requirement of mision.
And u said "one person (with safety gears) will help attaching fuel nozzle to the tank."
did you watch some Hollywood movie yesterday tht U made this comment.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10.32 AM,

How do you do mid air refueling without refueling probe?

Anonymous said...

Are we getting the complete aircraft or a spruced up 1950s vintage AC without critical intelligence and communication eqps as we didn't sign CISMOA? Can you throw some light on this matter Shiv?

Anonymous said...

The picture shows C-130 with IFR probe....where as the a/c received doesn't have one... so pics are misleading...why there is no carpet and Band baaja...seems a low key affair without much fanfare...Anyway its a new beginning...great day!!!!

Shubham said...

Welcome to India Big Boy!!! Jai Hind!

Shiv Aroor said...

anon@3.17pm: Your question was answered here in October last year. See here:

anon@3.29pm: The IFR probe was removed for the ferry flight because of drag/fuel considerations. It will be fitted back shortly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shiv, it means we are not getting the critical eqps, which were the very reason for purchasing this old ac at inflated prices. Shows our incompetence.
No point in dragging the feet and delaying signing CISMOA. Better sign it now and gain access to vital technologies or do it at a later date and lose access to eqps when they are required. It seems our baboos and sipahis lack leadership and can't make up their minds. This current ACM is the most incompetent ACM in IAF's history. Shows the declining stds of our armed forces.