India's UCAV To Be A Neuron Clone?

India's indigenous stealth UCAV programme, AURA, could borrow a lot of design from the European Neuron UCAV technology demonstrator. The image above, (snapped helpfully with a cell phone off a doc I hope to see a full version of soon) could be another glimpse into how the programme is thinking, and it sure looks like the Neuron to me. Interestingly, the AURA team has in fact been offered a technology partnership by the Neuron's programme leader Dassault Aviation, though the offer may not have anything directly to do with the Neuron programme itself. Incidentally, the AURA started out as a secret defence project (like India's SSBN programme), though the establishment has not only acknowledged its existence, but begun to talk quite a bit about it. Hope to get some real juice at Aero India though. Maybe a model too? Unlikely, but you never know.

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