Thursday, April 28, 2011

FLASH! BAE-Bofors Pulls Out Of Indian 155mm Gun Procurement Effort

Just received this statement from BAE Systems:

While we are certain that the FH-77B05 is the most capable 52 calibre Towed Gun available, and it was specifically designed for and demonstrated to meet the Indian Army's requirements as stated in previous RFPs, BAE Systems has, after very careful consideration, come to the conclusion that the company will not submit a proposal. The Ministry of Defence has been informed. This conclusion was reached following a detailed assessment of the new RFP. We found that:
  • The new RFP includes technical and performance relaxations that allow less capable weapon systems to enter the competition.
  • This significantly reduces the competitive advantage FH-77B05 derives from its greater capability. [The FH-77B05 was optimised for the more taxing requirements of the previous RFPs]
  • Therefore, the decision not to bid is a commercial one based on the high investment costs required to participate in a complex artillery competition of this nature, where the win probability has been reduced.
More shortly.

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Jon said...

Great scoop.

Anonymous said...

Hand over the problem to CAG and ask them to get the best equipment at the best price. It is easy to sit outside and comment.

The statutory bodies cannot up a bogey and create problems for the country.

The same is true for all the government bodies including the armed forces. They take their incumbency for granted and forget what is in the best interest of the country.

Anonymous said...

India is a fucking joke, who can do business with that country.