IAF Hunts For New Medium-range SAMs

With troubles afflicting joint indigenous MR-SAM programme, the Indian Air Force has called for information to support a stop-gap acquisition of medium range surface to air missile systems. According to the RFI, each firing unit (FU) should be able to function independently and should also be able to interact with other Firing Units (FUs) within a common engagement zone to avoid overkill. The FU should have following components: (a) Multifunctional Radar (MFR). This radar should be active phased array radar for 3D target information to the centralised control unit. It should be able to feed the information to the centralised network for overall command and control. This radar should be able to provide Early Warning (EW) upto a long range. It should have capability of Track While Scan (TWS). (b) Fire Control Unit. This unit would be fed with the information from the MFR for exercising command and control over the complete firing system. It should be able to prioritise the threats and allocate resource as per the threat evaluation. (c) Launchers. System should have number of launchers with the minimum numbers to be specified. These launchers should be highly mobile and should have number of missiles. Launch capability should be specified. (d) Missiles. The missiles should have an active seeker. (e) System Simulator. For training of operators one simulator should be an integral part of FU. It should be able to generate all kind of scenarios.

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