India Doesn't Have A Core Group On Unmanned Weapons. But Will Now.

A little baffled that we didn't already have one considering the number of unmanned vehicle programmes currently on. Anyway, India's DRDO will shortly be setting up a core group on unmanned vehicles/weapon systems, bringing together state-owned military laboratories, private industry and academic institutions to draw up dedicated policy and periodically monitor all Indian unmanned weapon programmes and institute public-private synergies where possible. The modalities and structure of the core group are likely to come up at a two day symposium in Pune on April 28-29, organised by the DRDO's R&DE(E) lab, known for its work on the Daksh UGV.

Future state-run programmes include UAVs Nishant-2, Rustom-H and AURA, an unmanned armoured personnel carrier, a remote controlled battle tank and an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV).

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