[UPDATED @ 9.21pm] Hunters At Dawn - The Air Battle Of Longewala

A splendid documentary Hunters at Dawn - The Air Battle of Longewala was made in 2007 by Indian filmmaker Rohan Cowasjee. It was a film commissioned by the Indian Air Force. Yesterday, I dusted out my DVD copy of the film and decided to upload a low-rez version on Youtube (since taken down) to see if it could still generate a measure of interest in the film. It resoundingly did. I've received close to two-hundred e-mail requests for information on where DVD copies of the film can be purchased, specifically looking for a possibility of ordering the film online. But if you're thinking Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, forget about it.

You need to write directly to the IAF on webmaster@indianairforce.nic.in and make a specific request for the film. Your order will then be processed by Air Headquarters before a copy is shipped out to you.

For those wondering why I've taken the film off my Youtube channel, I'd intended to keep it on for longer, but it appears to have done its job, and the IAF requested me to forward any interest in the film directly to them. I hope the film gets its due now. The IAF owns copyright to the film, and therefore it was not possible for me to keep the video up, even in low-rez, any longer.

[UPDATED @ 7.50PM - May 16] - Folks, I'm gonna have to request you to stop sending me requests for copies of the documentary! I've been positively swamped with requests. I truly wish I could help, but as noted above, you'll have to get in touch directly with the IAF for a VCD or DVD copy. Unfortunately, the only way to get your copy is through the IAF (procedures are procedures). I'll let you know if there's any other way. In the meanwhile, send your requests only to webmaster@indianairforce.nic.in.

[UPDATE @ 9.21PM - May 16] - Someone just gave me a heads-up. Air Marshal MS Bawa, one of the protagonists of the Longewala battle, and featured prominently in the documentary, hosts a copy of the film on his Youtube channel, and has done so since Jan 2010! And from the looks of it, not too many people know about it (certainly not the IAF itself).

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