Kaveri Crosses First Test Bed Milestone

In the middle of the Osama chaos in the newsroom, this statement from the DRDO:

Kaveri Engine was integrated with IL-76 aircraft which is a well established Flying Test Bed (FTB) for engines at Gromov Flight Research Institute (GFRI), Russia. The Flight trials commenced on 3rd Nov 2010. Kaveri engine is one among the four engines on the Flying Test Bed platform.

Eleven flight tests for about 20 hours duration have been completed till April 2011. The flight tests successfully carried out so far are up to 12 km maximum altitude and a maximum forward speed of 0.7 Mach No. The tests conducted so far include testing for engine performance under different operating conditions of the engine. With this the first phase of Kaveri engine FTB trials have been completed successfully and further tests will continue from May 2011 onwards.

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