Monday, May 23, 2011

REPORT: India Goes Full Steam To Sign M-MRCA Deal

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Anonymous said...

By the time India gets its first MMRCA in 2015, its airforce will have been severely depleted, such that the addition of 18 jets then will scarcely be meaningful.

Then, by the time they add six per year, increasing to 20 per year in the last couple of years, China will have manufactured more than 3,000 J-20 stealth aircraft.

The simple truth of the matter is that India needs not 126 jets, but at least 1,028 new ones for a full strength of 84 squadrons.

Somehow, anything that India does in defense is insufficient and half-baked! That's why its adversaries are never afraid of it!

I know how people keep saying that India is a poor country, so they can't afford more fighters, but that doesn't wash with me. The real truth is that Indians are lazy, have no technological sense, are deficient in planning, have poor education, have few smart engineers and planners, are morally depraved, lack wisdom at all levels, and have lesser nationalistic pride or nationalistic fervour than the Chinese or Pakistanis.

Best of luck, India, because you need it! Hope you'll still be around in 15 years!

Mr. Ra said...

Good decision and the progress should be kept up.

Anonymous said...

With LCA already delayed and MCA only a plane on paper the entire focus has shifted to the MMRCA acquisition. Who will win whether Rafale or Typhoon ? Will the MoD and the IAF settle for the L1 bidder! nearly 300-350 Mig-21s abd 27s have to be replaced. The order is likely to be jacked up to 200+ post-2020.

Tako Nada said...

Good,it seems Indian govt. is now in hurry to finalise the project and freeze the ultimate winner.

Al Yacoub said...

@ Anon...we were there even when ur forefathers were born and we will see the day which your grandchildren won't ...worry about yourself not us..jst because your co. didn't get any contract that doesn't means you would write any shit anywhere

Manish Kumar said...


We must act and act fast. Chinese are gifting 50 odd JF Thunder jets to the Pakis. This is alarming. Acc to reports they will be delivered in a few weeks. This will tilt the balance to some extent. We must consider the Dassault's offer of 50 Rafales in flyaway condition straightaway. This can be in addition to the MMRCA which is too slow a process.
Your views on this.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.55 pm: only one question to ask you in response to ur rants against India..Have you heard the song BHAAG D.K.BOSE that is on air and so popular in India at the mo.. hear it if u haven't! :)

Mr. Ra said...

Why I always feel like feeling that India should immediately purchase at least 50 Nos of any plane, may it be Rafale, EFT, F-18 or even Gripen.

Anonymous said...

According to the article first plane manufactured by HAL will be out in Dec 2016. Even the first PAK FA will be delivered at the same time so what is the point in buying 200 MMRCA.

Even after getting technology from russia to build Su 30 mki, we are still struggling with LCA. So what is the use of TOT.

By the time we last mmrca chinese air force will be operating hundreds of J20 and once again they will have great advantage over IAF.

Anonymous said...

One reason why India is so f...... backward is because Indians can't take real criticism. They are so high strung in their ego -- from the common ganwaar to the high babu in the government. Without accepting criticism they can't progress. Another reason they are so bad in sports, to boot, because they don't have a sporting spirit because they can't take crticism. What schools do they go to these days? Indians don't seem to want to benefit from criticism, which leaves them in their old backward groove all the time. Frankly, even the Pakis do better -- that's why with being one-eighth the size of India, they've still kept giant India at bay. Something to be really ashamed about! Why do you think that any Indian with brains leaves India to go abroad, leaving only brainless b------- behind. Obviously, something to think about!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:39 am:

One reason all f****** Pakistanis are such inferiority complex ridden retards who forever try 2 compare themselves and their failed madarsa state with India is that we - whether Pakistanis or their Chinese masters on whose alms Pakistan sustains its state and vitriole against India admit- India is one of the leading investment destinations..and fast developing state. You talked of size- very good-- India's size is 8 times Pakistan's as per your info -- also let us know what your GDP is compared to ours-- then call us poor, weak. India - land of ganwars- LOL- and what is Pakistan? Land of suicide bomb vest clad misdirected idiots high on drugs who have no goal in life other than spread terror in India?

Now on to sports performance- one question for you? Which country won the cricket world cup this year? :) also India is gradually winning more and more medals in boxing, shooting, has also produced world stars in tennis and badminton, what have you done? Hate to do all this explanation coz people like u dont have the b**** to admit we are a superior nation than Pakistan, but still i will try to reason with your medieval mind.

One exercise for you today since you have called India a land of poor people: Google today, what is the foreign exchange reserves of India and what are the forex reserves of your great country. Or are you counting on the alms from other countries as has been ur nation's history?

Bro u talk of India lasting 5 years, talk of the banana republic of Pakistan, everytime you are whipped and yet you compare yourself with us, go and compare your state with some failed Central American states. Maybe they are better still coz at least they dont harbour terrorists and still pretend to be a pure "Pak" state.

Hope you have not forgotten How 90,000 of your brave army men were taken prisoner in 1971 when despite Uncle Sam sending their aircraft carrier to the Bay of Bengal, you were whipped in the war, and your Chinese masters also did not come to help you, neither some Arabic nations again on whose alms you sustain your madarsas, and now you dont even know whether to support Americans or to be angry at them for pulling down your reputed army's pants repeatedly while you shout "sovereignty,sovereignty" from ur caves over these past 3 weeks..coz u r dependent on their pocket money to sustain ur evil designs.

Brother i know it is a very shameful and frustrating time to be a Pakistani at the moment- a citizen of a country that is capital of the world's evil, India lasting 5 years LOL- Pakistan will not even last that long and India does not have to lift a finger, coz u know it only too well that Pakistan as it stands today where sane voices have no power, is surely on the path of implosion and self destruction.

Stop being jealous of India and admit that you are the citizen of a failed state. Most of all has ur army banned all Pakistani blogs that you are venting your frustration on an Indian blog?

The True Indian Tax Payer and the "True" Indian defence forum

Mr. Ra said...

Am I correct or do I suffer from the complex IHFSTO (India has fewer squadrons than others).

Anonymous said...

After being shortlisted by Indian Airforce fortunes are changing for Dassault Aviation. The UAE has also zeroed in on to the Rafale to replace its 63 Mirage 2000s. and lastly Brazil might also choose the Rafale.The Indian MMRCA deal will have some impact if Rafale wins instead of the Eurofighter Typhoon.