Sunday, June 05, 2011

Finally, A Glimpse Of MBT Arjun In Army Service

Here we go. Perhaps the first proper images of the MBT Arjun in Indian Army service. These photos are from the latest issue of DRDO's Tech Focus journal, which also has the latest Arjun schematics/specs. Over 100 Arjuns have been delivered to the Indian Army over the last couple of years.

Photos ©DRDO


Anonymous said...

Shiv, Both the ARJUN and improved T-72 pics seem to be taken from the DRDO tech focus, why is it that the ARJUN pics look so unclear and lifeless, where as Improved T-72 is opposite of what ARJUN pictures look like??

Shiv Aroor said...

@Raju: Read the post. I've SAID they're from Tech Focus.

Anonymous said...

Hope its not parked in southern Tamil Nadu like Sulur where our Proud LCA is going to be parked.

I still dont know the reason for this Arjunk in Army. During war Army is not going to use T72/90.

Dont waste hard earned taxpayers money in the name of R&D


Gourish said...

These comments from the guy purported to be 'taxpayer' are confirmatory of a masquerading pakistani..shiv please block his comments..

Anonymous said...

Dear Taxpayer,

Welcome back! :)

Surely Arjun is not going to be needed coz our ATGM Nags are enough to decimate the Kabaad khalids..wonder why the Pak govt has wasted precious taxpayer money on that, and the second hand chinese raddi in Pak army.. india doesnt need 2 use any tank, go and research on "Battle of Longewala- 1971" to know more..


Indian Tax payer

Anonymous said...

one can only wish these are happening. there was a news that BEML has proposal to mate a czech gun to their chassis, donot know what happened. But hope this is not a regular boasting by DRDO, they should understand that misinformation (essential for security) if not done properly can affect their prestige that people will undermine even genuine products.

and to the tax payer at 9.53...weapons are made with an intention never to be used (mind you war is not computer game, it involves real destruction and real killing be it enemy or us). the best weapon is one which is never used that its mere presence prevents enemy from initiating war. if you dont want your tax paid money to go in fire works we should have a very good defence (and doesnt matter it is stored in mizoram or andamans).
some people i guess understand difference between defence and offense is only in spelling.

Mr. Ra said...

Bravo Arjun.

Taxpayers of Paindabad do have a reason to be unhappy over it.

Anonymous said...

@Taxpayer,very well knows they are deployed in Rajasthan. He also knows that the JF-17 with its non-quad FBW,hand me down avionics from the Chinese.The Frenchies will not give them without real $$$ and with Rafale they have ven said they won't.The Paksi are trying their luck with Italian for the JF-17 avionics.They know thet even without a single LCA the IAF has enough to F c k Pak.The real danger is the LCA with its composites and Indian access and ability to source though any component it wants from the west will turn out to be quite an aircraft.No wonder he is struggling to hold hos trousers up!!!

Anonymous said...

Gourish...growup...this is not BR....where everyone has a mind of a sheep...baaaaaah!

godanov said...

Don't like the rifled barrel, small increase in extreme range at the cost of servicing more targets per minute.

Anonymous said...

wow the paki due is back as Tax Payer.. hehe nice to see he is getting nervous.
BTW, great updates Shiv on CI Ajeya and Bhim. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This tax payer is not from Ranchi(india) it's from karachi lol

Anonymous said...

proper pictures ?
How about we bump the res please
is it possible for you to acquire some decent pics ?

Anonymous said...

Lets not behave like Porkistanis, we are open to dissent and criticism.
The tank's worthiness or the lack of it, remains the same despite his diatribe


mathi man said...

Well After seeing the pics,
i thought " A thing of beauty is a joy forever ".

Taxpayer needs to shut his mouth/ ass whichever one he is using to talk and then get lost in the FATA region in pakistan. He will make many friends there.

Why are his comments not " blocked" is the question.

Anonymous said...


The gun barrel is chromium plated, hence should increase the life to quite a bit.

The requirement for rifled gun is from IA, not DRDO's decision. If barrel life was such a concern, IA would have asked DRDO to use T-72/t-90 barrel.

The fact that IA asked for a rifled gun, tells you how much IA "respects" Russian barrels.

Anonymous said...

Dear "Tax Payer"@9.53

Next time you want to pretend to be Indian, try not to use terminologies used exclusively by Pakis.

Anonymous said...

Only knowledge can be influenced by information. Beliefs are impervious.

T series supporters who believe that they can escape death at the hands of heavy western tank by way of running around, or digging in, or by virtue of their "smaller silhouette" are caught in a time wrap and refuse to come out of it.
Your lower silhouette is still way larger than what is needed by the sights and computers of the western tank to put a long rod right through you. Similarly, unless you are flying and pulling a few Gs, they put a long rod through you no matter how "agile" you are. Please understand that the world has moved ahead. said...

Arjun look solid and oozes confidence when did any one of you comenters ever use a AFV

MPatel said...

Arjunk looks very dated already IATS and a sitting duck!

Anonymous said...

pakis is burning like in hell. lol Their chinese made MBT-2000 renamed as al khali is hiding in the wholes. rofl.

arup said...

@godanov some israeli techies were evaluating arjun and they found the rifled gun and kanchan armour impressive.