Russian Carrier & Frigates On Course, Navy Chief Told

INDIAN NAVY STATEMENT: The Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Nirmal Verma returned on 18 July 2011 after a productive and fruitful six day official visit to Russia. During his visit, the Admiral visited Vladivostok, Moscow, St Petersburg and Kaliningrad. The Admiral made a first hand assessment of all projects and held vital discussions with officials at the highest leadership levels of the Russian armed forces and defence industry. Reviewing ongoing projects, the Admiral observed that they were progressing satisfactorily and had reached critical stages of maturity. He also expressed satisfaction with the quality of construction and repairs.

During his visit to Kaliningrad (see photo), the Admiral reviewed the progress of the Project 1135.6 (Talwar Class) follow-on ships, under construction at the Yantar shipyard. He was reassured that the first ship 'Teg' would commence trials shortly and be delivered in six to eight months.

The Admiral took an extensive tour of Vikramaditya on his visit to the Sevmash Shipyard, where he observed that significant progress had been made and the ship was shaping up well for the Preliminary Sea Trials.

During discussions with the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy on operational exchanges between the two navies, the two Chiefs agreed that the INDRA series of exercises form an important aspect of their bilateral relationship and would need to be continued and extended in scope and participation. They also discussed possible avenues of co-operation including anti-piracy operations.

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