Wednesday, August 17, 2011

MAKS2011: The Kaveri Flying Testbed

©Copyright & Courtesy / Robert Wall


Anonymous said...

Does not putting these displays at airshows cost quite a bit of money?.

Why did DRDO/GTRE allow this to happen when their engine still cannot be used on a plane.

I guess their egos need to be massaged no matter what the costs.

Mirza said...

Are u covering the maks or still hanging with prime time on headlines?

Anonymous said...

Kaveri is looking super sexy in these photos. Looks almost ready to me.

Anonymous said...

let the bashing begin!!

Anonymous said...

To make kaveri a reality it will take another 50 years

P.K.Chaudhuri said...

DRDO must be provided with a similar aircraft for testing purpose. one of the available planes can be converted into such a Testbed. This will become an important asset for India.
GTRE must produce more number of Kaveri engines and start supersonic and other tests parallely.
Now that the Kaveri engine cannot be used in Tejas, We must find out a way to install it on an alternative aircraft.
Expediting the production of the Marine Kaveri will help develop the aero-engine as well.

Sudheendra Singh said...

The biggest problem with DRDO is, they are unable to "keep their feet on the ground". Even before a machine has evolved from the drawing board, DRDO would have gone full steam to emphasize the kind of work they are doing.

Shiv, please open/start a campaign, be it here or in your channel about this. DRDO dudes need some counselling as to how they are going to interact with the outside world.