Week Left If You Want To Help Design India's Airliner

India's National Civil Aircraft Development (NCAD) programme will close entries to its brand new design bureau on August 15. So if you didn't know before, and are interested, the time to apply is now. The reason I'm posting this is because I get a lot of mail from people asking about opportunities like these.

The Indian Express has a front-page report today on the programme, with updated financial figures. It says that India's Department of Science will shortly propose development and series production of the 90-seater regional jetliner (for now, simply called the NCA) for $1.68-billion (Rs 7,555-crore). The report quotes government sources as saying that the design and development phase of the programme will begin in January 2012 and cost a little over $1-billion (Rs 4,500-crore) over three years. The programme will be a joint venture with an Indian private sector company, which will also provide a Chief Executive to the overall effort. Announcements on those fronts will be made in the next few months.

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