Sunday, August 07, 2011

Week Left If You Want To Help Design India's Airliner

India's National Civil Aircraft Development (NCAD) programme will close entries to its brand new design bureau on August 15. So if you didn't know before, and are interested, the time to apply is now. The reason I'm posting this is because I get a lot of mail from people asking about opportunities like these.

The Indian Express has a front-page report today on the programme, with updated financial figures. It says that India's Department of Science will shortly propose development and series production of the 90-seater regional jetliner (for now, simply called the NCA) for $1.68-billion (Rs 7,555-crore). The report quotes government sources as saying that the design and development phase of the programme will begin in January 2012 and cost a little over $1-billion (Rs 4,500-crore) over three years. The programme will be a joint venture with an Indian private sector company, which will also provide a Chief Executive to the overall effort. Announcements on those fronts will be made in the next few months.

See also:
Proposed organisation structure
Official schematics of the proposed NCA


Anonymous said...

You mean design as in paintshop, or requirements?

indian said...

BOSS ur true desh bhakt i will join this when i complete my BTECH in i cant join this sorry

Anonymous said...

Design means design. And excuse means excuse.

A painter will paint with passion and some one with excuses will give an excuse......just like Mr Indian.

And if I wanna participate then I will participate be it BTECH or NO BTECH.

Heh..........just try once more before u give up or just stay away from commenting u nekariya.


Anonymous said...

lets see if we can keep corruption out of this and the fundings goes for the tech used to design the aircraft.

hotgene said...

Since the job needs one person from engineering background, it is correct what ever the Indian said.

But we should pass and spread the word to others so that most of the graduates know about such opportunities. As we send SMS to our friends about new year we should also sms such things.

All the best to those engineers who are applying for this.

Jai Hind

NCA Sceptic said...

Shiv, it would be very useful if you could put together a table comparing the NCA with its global competitors from Embraer, Bombardier, Comac, Mitsubishi and Sukhoi.

This is a pretty crowded product space and I want to see what the NCA is offering that the others are not.

thelazyreader said...

Bah. The 14-seater Saras has yet to be finished even after decades and they want to build a 90-seater jet. The only good point I see is that they are finally inviting participation from the Indian private sector, this way we may finally see some results on time.

Of course, given how Socialist AK Antony's defence ministry is they may suddenly block all this and award the development to HAL again without explanation. And then 20 years later it will crash and we'll go running to the Russians again.

AIRBUS said...

so yet again we embark on wasting more than a billion dollars on something which is not our core competencey.
why cant we just stick to making fighter planes helicopters and rockets missiles n tanks.

this project will just waste valuable resources and money.
when we already have boeing airbus embraer bombardier in this segment what the hell are we trying to do getting into the civil aviation manufacturing business.

this indigienous bug is gone to far with this new civilian aeroplane development.

NAL should be asked to focus all its energies on getting TEJAS up and running.

bloody waste of money

Anonymous said...

the question we see a market for a 70 seater jet....rising fuel prices would push that market in favour of turboprops i think