Auditors Say Govt Messed Up MiG-29K Buy

India's national auditor, the Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) released a report on the navy yesterday flagging the acquisition of MiG-29K fighters as flawed. According to the report, "Flawed approach in acquiring 16 MiG-29K aircraft, at a cost of Rs 3,405.61 crore ($736-million at today's exchange rates) without finalizing the associated package with the procurement of the aircraft, in January 2004, led to delivery of six aircraft in December 2009 without weapons. Subsequently, five more aircraft were delivered in May 2011. The armament for the aircraft were contracted for only in March 2006 which led to non delivery of weapons till October 2010, adversely affecting the operational capabilities of the aircraft. Besides, the Beyond Visual Range missiles (Vympel R-77/RVV-AE) contracted for the aircraft, at a cost of Rs 93.68 crore ($20.2-million at today's exchange rates), has had an unsatisfactory track record with Indian Air Force." Read the full report linked above.

The Navy has had audit trouble with BVR weapon contracting before as well.

Photo by Shiv Aroor

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