MMRCA Commercial Bids Open Any Time Now

The two final commercial bids in the $12-billion Indian medium multirole combat aircraft (MMRCA) competition will be opened any day now by an MoD Contract Negotiation Committee (CNC). A designated representative(s) from both finalists -- Dassault and Eurofighter -- will be invited to the Ministry of Defence, where they will be asked to physically authenticate their bid envelope before it is opened. According to procedure, the contents of both bids will be read out to all present and then signed by all members of the CNC. Any day now.

Importantly, the four commercial bids of the contenders, that were eliminated in late April, are still with the MoD. They haven't been returned yet. These will presumably be returned to the eliminated vendors on the day that the two finalists' bids are opened. Or will they.
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