Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FIRST PHOTO: Agni-IV Tested Successfully Today

Photo / DRDO


Anonymous said...

yeah baby............congos drdo...hey shiv what is d range of this beast..

Anup said...

DRDO change design.. I think look like one of Russian missile

Anonymous said...

What a missile. Watched the video as well. Really cool.

joydeep ghosh said...

@Shiv Aroor

This missile was earlier named Agni 2 Prime but has now been named Agni 4. But isnt that odd the Agni 3 flies 3500 km and Agni 4 flies 3000 km.

Thought Agni 2 Prime would be renamed Agni 3 and the Agni 3 will be renamed Agni 4 after some modification to reach 4000 km. Your views please.


Joydeep Ghosh

Anonymous said...

Agni 2prime sounds much good than agni 4. It doesnt make sense that Agni series 4 has less range than Agni series 3.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!Congratulations to all.
But,what we need and want is full canisterised missile on arugged TEL.

Waiting for the, Agni-V!
And the very best of luck DRDO.

Anonymous said...

Hey no fins! can it be tube launched?

Anonymous said...

no fins:
its got a flex nozzle

RockyT said...

No word about the AVATAR-RLV-TD yet. It has been years since the promised test flight. Has it happened? If not, what is holding them up? Shiv ji, I'd love to hear about the AVATAR program if you can dig up something on it. Thanks in advance. - Rocky